Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FC Online Fund 2008 - 7th Update

Chris from New Jersey, USA, made a donation of £10 towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £138, so we've now raised almost the full amount of the £160 needed.

Come on Racial Nationalists! Just £22 More!!!

There are people out there pumping money into people and parties that want to make Africans and Asians into "patriotic Britons"

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site. Is £22 too much to ask to help keep our voice on the net for another year?

Other donors to date are:

Stephen from South London, for a £20 donation.
Chris from SA, Australia
, for a £51 donation.
Piers from
Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow
, England for a £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

You can drop us a line (finalconflict@dial.pipex.com - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your situation etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. The important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

We're almost there.... help us get the last few pounds in and make your mark on the struggle to keep nationalism truly nationalist!


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