Thursday, 8 May 2008

More Than 60 Years of Zionist Terror

Much was made today (Thursday as I begin writing) of Israel's 60th Birthday.

Imagine the size of the cake needed to accommodate the bodies of all the dead, ethnically cleansed and tortured Palestinian men, women and children?

Did they pop champagne corks at BNP HQ for such an auspicious occasion? US tax payers must be celebrating for all the countless billions they have pumped into the illegal terrorist state. We must share some joy too for the many dead soldiers sacrificed in Zionist wars.

So what should we remember of 60 years ago?

The aftermath of Zionist terror groups torturing and murdering British servicemen? The same army that fought to "liberate the camps" was being bombed and butchered by militant Jews in Palestine!

The Arab villages uprooted en masse? After terror tactics, mass murder, poisoned wells etc. etc.

A whole population made into refugees? Imagine a people turning up in your country, saying they lived there 2000 years ago (whether that is true is a moot point) and then poisoning, butchering and murdering your people on a huge scale.

Then suddenly they declare their new state -- and overnight America (and others on the U.S.A.'s coat-tails) recognises this new state!

Would it make it legitimate? Would you want to take back your country? Your town or village? Your home?

The Zionists being interviewed today bewailed the 1948 war when the Arab armies invaded.

It is my opinion that they were right to do so on numerous counts:

1. They knew "Israel" would be a threat to them and to Middle East peace for decades to come.

2. They knew "Israel" would be a proxy-state for American Jewry.

3. They knew that the murderous Zionists would not rest till they had built a "greater Israel" at the expense of their own security, borders and independence.

4. If they had managed to wipe out the young terror state it would have brought peace to the region. Jews would be safe living in Palestine - as they were before - but the Zionist murderers would be brought to book.

5. The Arab fight-back was justified in the face of a unilateral declaration of independence, because the state of Israel had no intention of honouring any short-term restrictions, and the Jordanian capture of East Jerusalem stopped the Zionists declaring Jerusalem as their capital -- which is still their aim.

We've seen 60 years of ethnic cleansing, terror, child-murder, bulldozing, illegal land-grabs, illegal invasions etc. etc.

Celebrate? I'd rather cartwheel naked down the high street!


Anonymous said...

Did Griffin send congrats from the BNP to Israel? or did Barnes just publish anotyher lot of foul mouthed ill thought through purple prose?

Ojalanpoika said...

Could you comment, whether my details are correct in a dissident essay in ?

Tel Aviv (literally: Dumb-Hill of Spring) was plain desert at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, in the advent of its 100th year celebrations in 2009, it is the Silicon Wadi (Valley) of not only Mediterranean but of the whole globe since 1990's. The world has never seen such a rocket area of original Hi Tech innovations, I would say.

It is United States that profits from Israel, rather than the opposite. Israel gets nearly 2 billion euros from USA almost every year, that is true. But US demands Israel not to stop brain drain from Eretz israel to the US. Astonishing number of 25% of the Israeli researchers have moved from Israel to the United States - and this figure does not yet even include the people with double citizenship! The next largest brain drain of researchers to US are 12.2% from Canada, 4.3% from Netherlands, and 4.2% from Italy. Before the Second Intifada, there were 200 Israeli companies listed in the US High Tech Nasdaq, after the Intifada the count had dropped to 70. (At the moment the number is back in 100, however, which is still greater than from all the European countries combined). Dollars are green since the Americans pull them down from the tree raw and fresh. E.g. Mirabilis by AOL with $0.4 billion, Indigo and Mercury by HP with 0.7$ and 1.5 billion, respectively, M-systems by ScanDisk Corp (SNDK) with $1.5 billion were big investments, Berkshire Hathaway’s first investment out of the US of ISCAR Metalworking for 4$ billion, though. Israel has not been able to let any of its companies to be scaled up in their homeland but most are imported straight from the garage. The scaling up of industrial production would mean jobs to both Jews, Arabs and other ethnic groups. Israel is ordered to stay as some kind of innovation laboratory only, as the 51. state.

Over half of the export from Israel are High tech products (32 $ billion in 2007), compared to the 25% which is the average in the OECD countries. Israel's GDP is about $200 billion, nearly six times its original, relative per-capita level. Skyscrapers crowd Tel Aviv, multilane thruways, tunnels, fast trains and spaghetti junctions crisscross the country, and some 80 shopping malls, the first of which only opened in 1986. She harbours more museums per capita than any other country. She exhibits second highest output of new book per citizen. More patents per person than any other nation. More than 85% of solid waste in the country is treated in an environmentally sound manner. The shekel is one of the strongest currencies in the world, inflation is 2.5%, year 2007 growth of 5% was the developed world's highest for the fifth consecutive year, while unemployment slid to a 15-year low of 6.5%. In 2007, Israel had the 44th-highest gross domestic product and 22nd-highest gross domestic product per capita (at purchasing power parity) at US$233 billion and US$33,3, respectively. The country’s GDP by sectors is similar to that of developed countries with a leading services sector at around 67%, the industrial sector follows with 31% and agriculture is responsible for the remaining 3%. Israel’s major industrial sectors include a leading high tech industry, electronic and bio medical equipment, chemicals, metal products. The country is a member of the World Trade Organization and a trial member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In short, even the immigrant PhD's have to be humble enough to make their living by cleaning toilets before they get the hold of making living. Although the export of the agriculture has remained constant past the last 30 years, its relative amount has dropped from 70% to 3%. Out of the 3000 companies in Israel 80% are less than ten years old, and the average failure rate of these start ups is very low, less than 50%. More Israeli patents are registered in the US than from Russia, India, and China combined, despite the enormous population disadvantage (about 7 million in Israel vs. 2.5 billion combined in the other 3). One of the secrets of innovative success in Israel is the fact that cheating is minimized in the public funding: Money is not delivered according to research plans but steady income ("kassavirta") and thus the market analysis is emphasized. The support is designed so that the first 2-10 years a start-up company does not have to pay taxes. But very little, if any, direct funding without compensation is offered. Today, Israel draws Venture Capital (VC) more than the Europe. A novel phenomenon is the strategy by which Israel has been able to claim victory over China and other Far-East countries regarding the modern High Tech factories: As an example, the supranational Intel transferred the mass production of Centricon-processors to Israel, where ~20% of citizens possess university decrees (ranking 3rd in the world) but where the environment respects patents and are not plagiating every item they produce to others like the rocketting China. (China is a great country of thieves since the first dynasty and homogenizing extinguishment of the monotheistic Shang Ti faith and plural languages alike 2000 years ago. The Empire of Pirates steals every moving article in your machine. Not s single Finnish company has ever won a law suite in China, despite even evident violation of valid IPR, Intellectuial Property Rights.)

Intel was also offered an overall tax rate of 10%, which is about three times lower than that of US. Also, the biggest generic drug factory in the world was recently established in Israel. Generating US$7 billion in annual revenues, Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (TEVA) is the world's largest generic pharmaceutical company. TEVA makes generic versions of brand-name antibiotics, heart drugs, heartburn medications, and more - in all close to 200 global generic products, 700 compounds, and more than 2800 dosage forms and formulations. TEVA's pharmaceuticals are used in some 20% of U.S. generic drug prescriptions. Examples of TEVA's generics include lower-cost equivalents of such blockbusters as anti-depressant Prozac and cholesterol drug Mevacor. Nevertheless, in biotechnology and original drug development, about 400 experimental drugs have been approved or accepted in clinical phases. Other major companies include cutting tools leader ISCAR, software and information security leader Checkpoint, and defense industry’s IAI. The greatest portion of funding of research per capita is found in Israel. Israel also has the greatest ratio of researchers per square meter or population in the face of the world, far exceeding I.e. Japan which was also raised by plagiation and copying of other peoples ideas after the WWII. A modern Western plague is the way nobody talks to each other. But the Israeli start-ups, in an ideal gas, are the opposite. They are urged to communicate together within the start-ups, leading to joint discoveries and inventions and shared IPR. Nobel prizes, by definition, are awarded to the people who have made the greatest services to the world. Although Sabin and Salk never got it with their free Polio vaccines, 21% of the Nobels have gone to this population of less that 17 million, taking both Eretz Israel and galut (diaspora) into account:;

The Second Intifada could be called The Oslo War.

Aviv is Hebrew for "spring", symbolizing renewal, and tel is an archaeological site that reveals layers of civilization built one over the other. The Jewish population has been such a layer of native culture not only in the Palestine, yet the expulsion of the native Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews from Pakistan to Morocco since 1948 is totally ignored in the European media: Don't You think for a blitch second that the industrial countries have desired peace in the Middle East. A collaboration between the Jews with their technology and science and Arabs with their oil, loyality and commitment has been the greatest nightmare of the Europe at least. The intimate friendship between the cousin nations, as officially declared by Chaim Weizmann and Emir Feisal in Versailles peace conference was deliberately mutilated. Expulsion of the native and national Jews from Muslim countries since 1948 has been al Nakba to nations from Pakistan to Morocco.

Pauli Ojala, evolutionary critic
Biochemist, drop-out (MSci-Master of Sciing)

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