Tuesday, 6 May 2008

CCTV Ignores 97% of Street Crime

And so Inspector Knacker admits that CCTV cameras only help solve 3% of muggings in London.

Right: Not everyone watching us has our best interest at heart!

Now now - he didn't say "they all look the same." These are the 'Post-Macpherson' days officer!

But all joshing aside. This does prove something.

It proves that CCTV has nothing to do with stopping crime.

1. At best CCTV can only record crime - not prevent it.
At best CCTV can only displace crime away from the cameras - not prevent it.

At best CCTV can make criminals wear disguises, hoods, hats etc.

But we all know that CCTV isn't about stopping crime. A government that claims that "protecting the people" is their first imperative - is lying. Why? Because it fails to protect our people from the very real terror of muggers, drugs gangs, and all manner of anti-social behaviour.

Their first imperative is to protect themselves, to protect their establishment, to protect their power, to protect their whole Masonic infrastructure.

That is what the cameras, the extra police powers etc. etc are all about. It has nothing to do with "terror" nor crime both of which it either indirectly adds to or fails to control.

Wake up White Nationalist and see beyond the lies of the Zionist political parties. Look at the bigger picture!

We are all being watched, listened to, kept on file, ad nauseum.

Our biggest enemy, the biggest crooks, the ones who perpetuate the criminality are the Masonic junta who have ruled this land for hundreds of years.

"Left" and "Right" are just labels of a Masonic regime. Governments change, but the rules continue, and the agenda continues.

Only when we see that the Masonic power structure, the banks, Westminster, the big businesses etc. are the problem and not the solution will we get to any real answers.

And that day, sad to say, is still a long way off because all too many "patriots" are being played by the enemy into putting the interests of Judeo-Masonry first. And in defending "democracy," in defending "human rights," in defending "integration," in defending "Israel's right to defend itself," they in turn are defending the very Masonic establishment that has corralled our people into wage-slavery and usury-servitude for generations.

Here endeth the lesson.


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