Sunday, 11 May 2008

FC Poll Result on Usury Banking

Last week's readers poll was:

Is Usury Banking

A scandal - to be outlawed immediately
22 (91%)
An unfortunate necessity.
2 (8%)
Good for economic growth
0 (0%)
An irrelevance
0 (0%)
I don't know
0 (0%)

Good to see common sense prevail...

Usury banking is one of the worst scandals of the epoch that has seen our people forced from the land, crammed into slums, forced into factories, forced down mines etc. etc.

There are plenty of ways around usury banking that do not mean loan-shark rates, endless debt and high taxation.

With all we are suffering - and have suffered - our government should be looking at usury free ways for government, business, local councils and families/individuals.

How many depressions, black Mondays/Fridays, slumps, runs on banks, credit crunches etc. etc. do we need before we curb the glutinous nature of the current banking system and replace it with something natural, and aimed towards the betterment of the nation and the Common Good?


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