Sunday, 11 May 2008

Another Victim of Terror: Jimmy Mizen

So just-turned 16-year old Jimmy Mizen was stabbed in the neck, to death, in Lewisham yesterday...

The BBC say the police are searching for the killer. And yet there has been no description of the killer issued. Was he wearing shorts? Was he 6ft tall? Was his hair short? AND WHAT COLOUR WAS HE???

Is this a search for a killer of an innocent White Londoner? Or a politically correct cover up of another Race Crime?

I honestly don't know the colour of the assailant. The news reports I've seen and heard haven't mentioned it. But I do know the litany of stabbing murders in London in the last 12 months have been carried out - primarily - by Afro-Caribbeans.

Many of the victims have been Black too. Some have been White. Yet the fact remains that murder on the streets of England's capital is primarily a racial crime.

Not Whites, not Muslims (sorry Nick), not Orientals.

So the next time a politician tells you that mass coloured immigration has brought us "great benefits" ask them to tell that to the family of the many people murdered in racially-biased street crimes.

I'll wait for the details of Jimmy's killer. But my guess is he'll follow the demographic pattern of the many other bastards who've stolen the lives of so many innocent kids.

Bugger the laughable "War on Terror" -- this is the real terror on our streets (and not just London either!).

Imagine a 16 year old stabbed in the neck in a bakery in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Time for the government and the parties to act on this very real terror and the terror of gun crime, drugs crime and muggings.

An organised grant-funded voluntary repatriation to the West Indies and Africa would be a good start!

Or doesn't that fit the Neo-Con "all good Brits" agenda?

Murdered schoolboy remembered

Hunt for Killer: No Race Mentioned


Anonymous said...

The fact that there is no description of a perpetrator was usually a clear indication in the past that the assailants were "coloured". But with the rise of the internet you can go and find out. DO you remember the gang who tortured, raped and murdered two white girls in Reading a few years back. NO description of them was given at the "leaked " out. It is a bit harder these days for the authorities to suppress this information.

Jason P said...

what a waste of a young life

Anonymous said...

Yeah - and while you're at it, send paedophiles Ian Huntley, Robert Black, Roy Whiting, Colin Pitchfork etc. home too. Oh wait, they're white, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

It is very strange no description has been given.

Final Conflict said...

Anomn - re. paedophiles. It is liberals and multi-racists like you who are two-faced. We know most paedos and pervs are White (albeit most paedos are poofs) but at least we are honest that we would bring back Capital Punishment for heinous sex crimes.

Liberals and reds, on the other hand, can't be honest about the racial nature of street crimes such as muggings, stabbings, gun crimes and drug pushing...

So stick that in your pip and smoke it!

Final Conflict said...

Pipe. i meant pipe. it's getting late ok?

Anonymous said...

Most of the youth murders in London last year were black-on-black crimes, and at least a couple of those were wrong-identity killings. In addition, some of the kids killed had nothing to do with gangs; one was a promising QPR footballer and another was a musician. I'm not excusing any stabbing/gun crime - I abhor it. I despise the people who do it. They let us all down. If I had my way, they'd get a dose of army, not prison, life. But what you suggest is simplistic nonsense - sending black kids (who were mostly born here, by the way so they're British like it or not) to the land of their grandparents wouldn't have stopped the likes of Gary Newlove or young goth Sophie Lancaster dying. It wouldn't have saved Holly and Jessica in Soham or Sarah Payne. Oh yeah, by the way, the young killer of Jimmy Mizen is rumoured to be a non-black. Why the police haven't reveal the race is a mystery. Thank you for allowing me to express my view.

Bol said...

Most were black on black??? Great!

These people bring guns, drugs, knives to our streets. They make vast swathes no-go-areas.

The sorry pieces of human waste who mimick them by listening to their music, smoking their junk and acting like they do may crack heads: but again, we're honest.

We;d contain the situation in White communities and start the remedy so badly needed in gun-ridden areas of London, Manchester, Nottingham etc.: repatriation.

The more seperated from Africa and their ancestral homelands these people get, the worse they get because they are alienated.

It would do the black people a big favour!

And us an even bigger one!

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