Saturday, 3 May 2008

London Assembly No Gravy Train?

With the BNP getting their first seat on the (Greater) London Assembly (GLA) there are a number of interesting issues.

A foreign comrade suggested that the BNP saw this as a 'pot of gold' to the tune of £100,000 pa. However according to the following link from the Voice of Change's Matt Single the £100,000 has to be closely accounted for. Furthermore the BNP aren't allowed to bring their own staff into the assembly. So "doing a Conway" albeit with toadies and cronies won't be an option.

Another site (NW Nationalists) is pooh-poohing talk of the BNP breaking the 100 councilors mark. It says many of the new councilors were unopposed parish councilors (think of the 'Vicar of Dibley') .

The BBC picked up on the point that the BNP has still not caught up with its highlight of voting percentages in 2004, with the lower rates of 2007 being replicated in 2008. This in spite of the attempt to become uber-Zionists and Israel-Firsters, plus promoting the support the BNP gets from coloureds, Sikhs and the rest of our multi-cult citizens - patriotic "Brits" to a man no doubt.

There are a couple of interesting posts. The first is Matt Singles, see the first link below. The second is 'Mr Potters' reply to a post on the NW Nationalist site, see the second link below.

With Richard Barnbrook already in the media for his sexual indiscretions, as well as his status as the face of the BNP in London, one wonders how long before the episodes in Burnley, Birmingham, the Black Country, Leeds etc. are repeated.

Plus ca change...


Voice of Change London Article

NW Nationalists BNP Article


mtfury1 said...

Your quote of the week says it all as far as the BNP goes. Without either the first or second, just an endless series of embarrassing in-fighting episodes - another one may be in the offing - expulsions,campaigns, blogs etc , the BNP cannot capitalize on the state of Joe Soap's life and attitudes.

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