Friday, 23 May 2008

Crewe By-Election: See-Saw Politics

So "Call Me Dave" Cameron is set to be the next big thing, just after we got rid of "Call Me Tony" Blair.

Right: We vote in "saviours," then we want to knock them down like bowling pins, only to replace them with the next lot of "saviours." Like hamsters (or goyim) in cages running on wheels and getting nowhere.

I am now convinced that people are dumb. Not individuals, because many individuals you get talking to on the train, bus or (God forbid!) the underground seem to have at least a little awareness. But get "people" as a mass, then they are dumb. They keep voting for "Mr. Nice" presented to them by the media moguls, the party machinery and the Freemason big wigs.

What is it that gets people so dumb en masse?

It's all coreographed of course, despite the attempts by the likes of Gordon Brown to prevent history being made.

Voters. Blame the voters.

They should be politically aware. These are the people who climb off the settee. These are the people who tear themselves away from Eastenders or Emerdale... And yet as a masse they are so easily swayed as the Tweedledum and Tweedledumber politrickians push you/pull me animal fights over the vomit strewn "centre ground."

And so in 1997 "we" vote in Labour when Tory Greed and Corruption gets too much.

And in 2010 "we" will probably vote in the Tories because New Labour Greed and Corruption has gotten too much.

The see-saw goes up. The see-saw goes down. Oooooh isn't it pretty colours?

Never mind, back to East(b)enders for more on how multi-culturalism and sexual inclusivity is so great for "communities."

Placing an X every few years is such hard work! Thank God the politrickians, theirn party machineries and their Masonic system allows us to vote them in or out every four years!

Is democracy the latest golden calf?

Is placing an X every four years for a "leader" in place via corrupt party machinery, via nepotism and back-handers what "democracy" is all about?

Fill yer boots party bosses!!! It seems "democracy" is as real as an East(b)enders plot-line...


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