Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Many thanks to all the kind souls who dug deep and sent in donations to our Online Fund 2008 Appeal!

We've had two more donations in, in the last few days, taking us over our £160 target.

So a big thanks to Clive from Leicester and Dave from Nottingham for their kind donations. Two nationalists from the Midlands rode to the rescue at the 11th hour! Well done lads!

So here, in all its pristine glory, is the very final FC Roll of Honour for the patriots who put their money where their mouths are.

They believe in nationalism, undiluted, uncorrupted, unsullied and glorious! They don't want nationalism to become the servant of Israeli interests. They don't want nationalism to be tolerant of homosexuality. They don't want nationalism to be a multi-culti quagmire.

So many thanks again to one and all for their kind gestures.

And remember to bookmark this blog and the FC Site to enjoy our insightful postings, our rantings, our amusing comments, our witty asides, our rapier edged wit, out pithy verbiage, our watchful remonstrating, and most of all be assured of a home for nationalism for 2008 and beyond.

The FC Roll of Honour

Clive from Leicester, for an £11 donation.
Dave from Nottingham, for a £15 donation.
Tony from Lewisham, London, for a £10 donation.
Stephen from South London, for a £20 donation.
Chris from SA, Australia
, for a £51 donation.
Piers from
Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow, London
, for an £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

Many thanks from everyone at FC to all of the above patriots.


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