Sunday, 18 May 2008

Last Week's Quote

"1. For 700 years the people of this nation have been the object of exploitation... Ours is a society which yearns to be free of it...

2. Ours is a small society, intimate, and we believe that every man is of value, to be cherished until the potential in him is unlocked and brought to full flower.

3. Our society has no wish to dominate others. We want to be left alone.

4. Our society is built to human scale. In work and government, each man can take strength from his neighbour and contribute, in turn, to his well-being...

5. It is a society which abhors the isolation and destruction of the human personality through want, ill-health, ignorance or victimisation or manipulation.

6. Therefore it is a society where all the factors of common life are to be controlled for the good of the community. The Christian religion has taught us that man is a moral animal, who can choose to intervene and alter what is bad...

7. Our community, then, is something alive, with a past, a present and a future. It has continuity..."

Derrick Hearne,
The Fulfillment of the Radical Tradition
(in 'Yesterday & Tomorrow').

The ABC of the Welsh Revolution by Derrick Hearne

Yesterday & Tomorrow by Various Authors (inc Derrick Hearne)


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