Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Why Can't We Afford to Defend the Country?

It seems the coast of Norfolk is falling into the sea.

Our government "can't afford" the coastal defences needed to defend the land from the encroaching sea, which is eroding its way towards more and more ancient villages.

This is very interesting, because it was the crumbling and eroding coastline of Guernsey - the very real gradual loss of the island itself! - which led to the government of Guernsey issuing its own debt-free money (see I Can Save Gordon Brown & New Labour).

Our government says the defence of this country ("from terror") is its priority... yet miles of land, homes, villages are falling into the sea and our usury-laden government "can't afford" to defend it!

What a farce! What a disgrace!

I could say what would happen if a Government Minister lived on the Norfolk coast... but then we all know these people are the ultimate "nimbys" with no real knowledge of social justice and absolutely no concern for the Common Good.

If they did they would drop the system that props up the billionaire bankers and put just a tiny percentage of that sum into defending real, English communities.


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