Thursday, 23 February 2012

America Takes Care of its... Financiers

There's a new Bruce Springsteen song "we take care of our own" which I've embedded at the bottom of this post. The words are positive, but the reality is quite, quite different.

Funnily enough New Orleans is mentioned in the song, and yet when New Orleans flooded, the real face of America was seen - a Third World bankrupt slum where the people were left to rot. Those who sought shelter in a stadium faced robbery and rape from rampant hoodlums. White folks in Cajun land outside New Orleans armed themselves against the roving gangsta bandits out to grab what they could...

This was the reality - a multi-racial hell hole, where lawlessness ruled, in which its government took little interest. At the same time of course America was busy charging around the world telling everyone else how they should behave. The irony is lost on most Americans.

Now in America more and more people are thrown on the rubbish heap as its government pours money into the bottomless pit that is the debt hole, tax-payers are stung for real money which goes, billion after billion, into the usury-debt  bottomless pit.

The banksters create money out of nothing on bits of paper or on computer screens, but the tax money that goes back (at interest) is real money, earned through sweat and labour. And whereas the Washington DC regime would never think to stop paying this ponzi-scheme con to financiers that are multi-billionaires, but they are happy to see American workers thrown out of work, thanks to the mess these banksters have created.

"We take care of our own" says Mr Springsteen... but moreso if they are billionaire financiers with no loyalty to America or any other land. American workers on the other hand are taken care of - in soup kitchens, drainage ducts etc.

To see how America 'takes care of its own' watch this first video on the homeless in America. You can then laugh whilst listening to Springsteen's jingoist nonsense in the second video.


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