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Are Some Pushing Zionist Agenda in Nationalist Circles?

A reader sent us an email which is published here verbatim. Why are some people still pushing the civic-nationalist proto-Zionist agenda? Nationalism suffers these idiots and the same names pop up at the centre of cranky attempts to create a "patriotism" which is controlled by the enemy.

Mr. Cotterill for one had a part-African gent elected as a "nationalist" councillor and lavished praise on the pro-Israeli film 'Munich.'

We do not know who the chairman of the meeting was, nor if he was Jewish. But it seems clear that a proto-Zionist line was taken, which annoyed our correspondent.


       I attended a Bradford meeting last Saturday in which a Jew chaired the meeting and was on about Zionism and the showers/gas chambers.
                  I spoke up about the Wolzeck false testimony by Aushcwitz commander Hess. Jez Turner and Peter Rushden said nothing.

        Sent them the message below.

Poxy meeting it was. Zionism and the holohoax have nothing to do with truth and true patriotism. I don't reckon much of Mr Bronz now .

    Britain for the British, Palestine for the Palestinians and Berobodjhan for the Jews!


Subject: Notice of a meeting

Hi ######

Thanks for your e-mail. You can send the notice below to any other interested nationalists.

Yours Mark Cotterill.


This notice is for a meeting of CDN (Center for Democratic Nationalism) organised by the Democratic Nationalists Party.

Venue : The Salthorn WMC Armitage Road Oakenshaw Bradford BD12 7AR See below for directions.

Date : Saturday 4th Feb

Time : 2pm - 6pm. The club is open before and after these hours so if you want a drink before or after the meeting (or both !) as well as during the meeting no problem.

Speakers : So far (may be amended) Andrew Brons MEP
                                                      Peter Rushton
                                                      Richard Edmonds, Jim Lewthwaite,
Ken Booth (or another person speaking on behalf of 'NE Patriots')

At least half the meeting will be open for comments/speeches from members on the floor - this format worked well at the meeting the other month in Queeniborough.

Directions... [snip]


Anonymous said...

why cant we ever get rid of the clowns, puppets and ujust plain bloody idiotic. They have dragged nationalism down FOR YEARS.

Cotterill grassed up White nationalists in the USA for the Washington shootings when the real culprits were negroes.

Some lawyer patriot over in the states had the full low down on him.

hes a bad egg.

Anonymous said...

very worrying. After the greed and lack of ideology of recent years, there is a battle afoot for the soul of nationalism. race-mixers, zionists and liberals are all in there.

Anonymous said...

The Zionist shouldn't have been invited. I am surprised at this as Cotterill and Rushton's England First Party journal 'Heritage and Destiny', recently attacked Norwegian gunman and bomber Anders Breivik as a 'Zionist Neo-Con Masonic terrorist'.

East Anglian National Front said...

Rather worrying, however, these Zionist brownnosers are becoming more and more common.

Eastend Patriot said...

H&D also used to attack the BNP, issue after issue after issue, for selling-out on race. Then MC and a part-negro gentlemen got voted in for their "EFP".

It's a case of do as i say, not as i do.

They often publish material critical of Israel as they know nationalists read their journal, yet when canvasing in the north west, MC used Israeli flags hoping to cash in on the Muzzie-bashing - which at the time was getting the BNP big votes.

Almost every single nationalist group has exposed mc as a state-plant. and if you go up against him, his lie machine kicks in.

JT said the one thing he regretted on starting the BNP, from the NNF, in 1982 was letting Cotterill join.

This is nothing new.

I'm glad the NF seems to be steering clear of these cranks, so I'll be supporting the NF.

Distributist said...

Funny that ultra hard liner Jez kept his mouth shut. It reminds me of one of the last IONA meetings when Arthur Kemp asked for all Christians to in the room to raise their hand, about 5/6 people did so but not Jez, even though he currently claims to be an anglican hoping to convert to Catholicism.

Out of interest, what did Edmonds have to say?

I'm glad I left the pathetic excuse of a movement known as British Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

The latest issue of H & D (No. 47) includes a photo of Mark Cotterill with Orthodox 'Jewish racial separatist' Rabbi Mayer Schiller, in New York in 2001.

Anonymous said...

H & D has plugged 'Tyr - Journal of Northern European Heritage and Culture' edited by Michael Moynihan, and 'Runa - Journal of Northern European Myth, Mystery and Magick' edited by Ian Read.
These individuals are mentioned in the book 'Satanism and its Allies: The Nationalist Movement Under Attack', published by Final Conflict.

Eastend Patriot said...

so linking up wth the old rabbi who played a part in wrecking the 80s NF? WE SHOULDN'T BE SURPRISED.

And plugging the Satanists and their works (and Moynihan et al ARE Satanists)? WE SHOULDN'T BE SURPRISED.

Nationalists need to be warned about this shower of shite.

"We" ballsed up with Griffin. DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Moynihan is joint editor of 'Tyr' along with a J. Buckley and C. Cleary. The 'Tyr' Journal is being sold and distributed in the UK, by the Uckfield-based revisionist Historical Review Press.

Anonymous said...

Tyr does the classic Satanist ploy. It spreads a wide net to bring in as many pagans and neo-pagans as possible, but is underwritten by Satanism. Moynihan's writings are classically Satanist, but they try and put aup a wall of defence wth pagans (like Masons do with low-level Masons) so anyone attacking them is seen as being against people wth an interest in Viking folklore or similar.

Of course what they also wish to do is spread a basic anti-Christian message and the people who read their navel-gazing turgid tomes wll be seen, by them as not only a defensive line, not only wallets to be fleeced, but also a pool from which to draw potential acolytes to their more nefarious ways.

Anyone interested would do well to read Satanism and Its Allies published by FC. It's a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

The meeting Chairman was one Ivan Winters. There is a photo of him on the EFP website report of the meeting. He does look Jewish (Any relation of Jewish celebrity Bernie Winters?!).
I wonder what the British Movement, National Front and British People's Party members who attended the meeting, made of his comments?

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. was shnorbitz there?

what hypocrites these people are (the organisers, not the attendees) who put someone with Zionist views in the main seat!


Anonymous said...

One of the regular contributors of articles to Tyr magazine is Stephen E. Flowers (also known as Edred Thorsson, author of books on Germanic Occultism), who is a member of the Temple of Set, whose members worship the Ancient Egyptian devil Set.

Flowers has written a book with Moynihan called 'The Secret King: The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism', about the SS Occultist; Karl Maria Wiligut.

Dr Jim Lethwaite, the anti-Islamic leader of the Democratic Nationalists Party, is known to be soft on Zionism.

Anonymous said...

Now that is VERY interesting as the Temple of Set, if my memory is right, is an offshoot from one of the hardline Satanist groups (Church of Satan?) and this goes to show EXACTLY how the Satanists try to paint themselves as "pagans" so as deflect criticism and bring-in pagans to their ranks by publishing anti-Christian material.

Anonymous said...

Yes Michael Aquino formed the T.O.S. because he didn't think Anton LaVey leader of the C.O.S. was serious, in his devil worshipping! Aquino also attacked LaVey (born a Jew; Howard Levy) as identifying with a "Hebrew fiend".

Anonymous said...

H & D No. 47 includes 'Book Review: New British Fascism - Rise of the British National Party by Matthew J. Goodwin' written by...Ivan Winters!
So a Zionist Jew is allowed by Mark Cotterill the editor, to write for a magazine, whose assistant editor Peter Rushton is 'anti-Zionist'?!

Anonymous said...

The plugs for the 'Tyr' and 'Runa' journals were included in H & D No. 46, which also featured a separate review of Troy Southgate's book about Otto Strasser, published by Black Front Press, which also publishes each issue of 'Helios - Journal of Metaphysical & Occult Studies' edited by Southgate, Organising Secretary of the New Right and the National Anarchist Movement. Previous issues of H & D have reviewed New Right meetings.

Danny said...

Cotterill is state. anyone who works with that shyster deserves all the crap that will surely flow their way.

JT, B&H, BNP, virtually everyone has exposed him.

He spent years slagging off the BNP for selling out on race: and his first councillor was part-negro.

This is why nationalism will NEVER get anywhere.

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