Sunday, 12 February 2012

Children are a Blessing - Not a Disease!

With much discussion on the NHS in the news, might we as nationalists dare to say: PREGNANCY IS NOT A DISEASE.

So can politicians, media and the vested interests who profit from abortions stop treating it as such?

At one end of a hospital, people pay tens of thousands to be able to have a child, and doctors battle to save lives. At the other end, a doctor may well be pulling out the parts of a child and placing them together to make sure he hasn't "missed a bit."

We treat babies (pregnancy) as a disease - yet at the same time politicians say we "need" immigrants for our workforce, to pay taxes etc.

Might we, as a once civilised society, stop ripping apart children and actually start cherishing children, realising they will be the people who protect us, produce and deliver our food, open our businesses, pay the taxes, staff our hospitals, etc. etc. They are not just 'an inconvenient blob' but the future of our country and continent.

A nation that kills the most innocent members will never take care of the frail, elderly, disabled and so on... that's why we shouldn't be surprised when the elderly get bed sores in hospitals or are abused in "care homes," because they too are now an 'inconvenience.'

Still, while innocent children are ripped apart in their millions - at least we can lock people up who say nasty things about homosexuals eh?


Anonymous said...

its ok to leave the lives of the countries youth in the hands of cash obsessed criminals and gangsters when it comes to recreational drug taking but when it comes to abortion the health and well being of the nations women is suddenly paramount. As usual the fog clears when one follows the money:

Anonymous said...

White abortion is murder!

Anonymous said...

ALL abortion is murder!

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