Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our Reader's Poll: Should Scotland...

Be independent
  41 (39%)
Be more devolved
  5 (4%)
Retain the status quo
  6 (5%)
Return to unionism / abolish Holyrood
  52 (50%)

An interesting result, clearly showing polarisation between Unionism and Independence, with half favouring the former. A full 55% seem to agree with the Tories/NuLab etc. that there should be Unionism or the status quo.

Interestingly, unless someone can state otherwise, I do not think there is a political party that favours abolishing Holyrood. UKIP and the BNP (and even the Tories) may once have pushed that line, but they all now seem to accept its existence, within a United Kingdom.

That 39% of readers favour Scottish Independence (43% if you include "devo-max") is also of interest, in that this is quite a high number and also given that most of our readership is outside Scotland.

Of course, this blog is also read by non-nationalists who may well favour Scottish independence or unionism, we have no control over who votes. Perhaps we should also have put a don't know/care option.

Readers' input welcome.


Anonymous said...

FC, I voted to maintain the Union, and I am in no way a Tory/NuLab, in fact I despise them.

A British Union has kept our people free from tyranny, now I understand that there will be an argument against this statement but that is dealing in semantics.

Anonymous said...

why have you stated that those who voted for the maintainance of the Union as tory/nuLab but not those who voted in favour of independence as proSalmondists, because this places 'Scots independence'question within this context.

Final Conflict said...

Fair point, though I did say non-nationalists could have voted EITHER way.

But it is also a fact that the vast majority of the "old gang" parties (as Mosley called them) are for the union.

Anonymous said...

Mosley the kosher may well have stated that the vast majority of the "old gang" parties were for the Union, but that does not mean that all those who are for the Union are of the "old gang".

Mosley would have more than likely stated many a thing to keep his many Irish members happy or would that have been the Guiness family influence/money?! Joyce on the other hand who was brought up in Ireland reflected the viewpoint of the majority of Irish, it is only Irish republican propaganda which depicts all of Ireland fighting for Erin, if you've ever been there, you will start to wonder at how many Black & Tans were actually deployed as it seems as if everyone over a certain age shot and killed at least one!

To maintain the Union has brought far more benefit than not, but by the same token, I realise that the power of the City and den of thieves that is Westminster is what we need rid of!

Anonymous said...

The Union tried to destroy Scottish, Welsh and Irish culture.

Anonymous said...

"The Union tried to destroy Scottish, Welsh and Irish culture" au contrair.

It is the City and always the City which destroys race & nation, the City destroyed the North West of England by raising import duty on cotton for example.

The British Isles are not the Balkans and our peoples are linked by blood. The national boundaries merely define a distinct culture to the other.

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