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Carl Clark East Anglia NF/BNP Walter Mitty

We recently ran a piece on Carl Clark, a self-confessed nark in nationalist ranks: (see our Jan 1st story here)

One of FC's researchers contacted some colleagues from East Anglia and garnered this info, which may be of interest to nationalists in that region.

The info has been cleaned up to protect identities. It may or may not clarify matters, but if patriots there are informed, at least they can watch out for similar miscreants.

Many thanks to the FC researcher for his work on behalf of us all.

Friend A

I am told that Clark first made contact with the NF in 1979. He used to hang around with the football mob outside the George and Dragon and inside the Pheasant Cock before matches.

In the late 80s and early 90s he attended NF meetings that Tom Holmes held in Gt Yarmouth and associated with Richard Heaton, the Norwich BNP organizer at the time. He frequently attended Nationalist activities in London and mixed with people such as Matthew Collins and Eddie Whicker.

He disappeared for a few years but turned up again around 1999. He didn't do a lot but occasionally attended BNP meetings. He was regarded by many as a Walter Mitty type fantasist.

He stopped getting invited to BNP meetings around 2001 as there were concerns about security. Special Branch had gone to a Norwich social club around that time and had tried to frighten the manager from letting Nationalists hold meetings there. They knew what the name the room was booked under so they must have seen a bulletin. We had a small membership in those days and it seemed he was the prime suspect. He was always claiming to have been arrested for one thing or another but never seemed to end up in court. The suspicion was that he had become an informant in order to get charges dropped.

A couple of years later Richard Heaton [who by then had dropped out of the BNP] phoned the late Bill Fitt [then Norfolk BNP organiser] and mentioned that he thought Clark was an enemy agent, either a Red or State. His reasoning for this was that every time Clark knew of a local activity in the late 80s/90s, opposition would turn up. And every time he went down to London with him, Heaton's Norwich flat was broken into while he was away.

We were later told by two NF lads that he used to associate with that they were convinced he was a police grass, and that he had set them up for being caught in possession of 'racist' literature.

Clark disappeared from Norwich around 2005. There are suspicions that he may have supplied the information that got John Brunton locked up. He used to frequent Brunton's pub and both of them mixed in Ulster Loyalist circles.

Friend B
I've got a vague memory of someone - I think he was called Clarkey - who I sometimes used to see in the Barclay when I was a kid and first started standing near the Barclay Boot Boys at football about 78.

Don't know for sure if it is the same person but could be. I remember this fella because he used to turn up wearing a green boiler-suit which made him stand out a bit. The rest of them were typical 70's flares and denim at the time.

He wasn't around at football when the C Firm and Steins were about which would have been around 1981-86 and he wasn't involved with the NF at that time.

So what was he up to between say 1980 and the late eighties when he turned up again?

Friend C
I can't remember him being around from 81-86. I reckon he disappeared because he got involved with some girl. He got married and had a couple of kids about that time.


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