Friday, 3 February 2012

Huhne and Terry: Innocent Until Proven Guilty Has to be the Norm

"black and white unite and fight"
That is all we can presume these days.

I am no fan of either Chris Huhne or John Terry. One has had to step down as a government minister (you can bet he was told that if charges were laid he'd have to step down) and one had had the England football captaincy taken from him, as he's due to go to court in the Summer over the charge of a "racially aggravated public order" offence.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Primarily the media is to blame. Yes those morally upstanding perfect specimens of humanity: journalists and their owners.

In a court the other, a disgusting degenerate paedo, was found guilty of making/downloading hundreds of thousands of disgusting images. The judge told him to "expect a custodial sentence" (no s### Sherlock!) and then proceeded to release him on bail!

As he is going to go to jail anyway, why not send him straight to jail? If we are dispassionate about his heinous crimes (just for a second) we can say that the term served will come off his sentence anyway, and his incarceration will protect him from vigilante acts in his community (where he was ordered to stay!). Even from a wet liberal viewpoint the treatment of this "man" flies in the face of common sense: and he was found guilty of an incredibly evil series of crimes.

So let's look at the 'system' as its stands:

  • It allows as-yet innocent people to be found guilty in the media (whom as the Leveson Inquiry has uncovered often have their own spin, vested interests, and profits in mind when reporting on issues - especially ones as arguable politics and 'racism').
  • It allows a situation where a man guilty of paedophilia can be let free on bail (I wonder what his neighbours think?)
"This is how I drive" says Lib Dem MP
Why is a man guilty of the most terrible crime, short of abusing and killing children, treated with kid gloves when two men who have been alleged to have fibbed over a speeding car or said a 'naughty' word (I assume it was 'nigger' or 'black b###ard') are hounded out of their jobs.

I fail to see the seriousness of the latter crimes (not to say they don't deserve investigation under some circumstances) whereas it seems the system fails to see the seriousness of the paedo offences, letting guilty paedos out on bail and even when found guilty they only get a few years.

Moreover, the media should be ordered to back off, and people (whoever they are and whatever the crime) must be seen to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and if they are then found guilty, then the media can report on the issues, and the courts can sentence them accordingly.


P.S. Interestingly both Huhne and Terry are adulterers and in my opinion you cannot trust adulterers. If a man will cheat on his wife, when he took a lifelong oath to honour her, then he will cheat on anything. But even that should not hamper their 'innocent until proven guilty' status in these cases.


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