Monday, 20 February 2012

BNP's MEPs Fight Each Other in Court Via Mish Bondage

There is a court case going on. A BNP employee backed by one BNP MEP is taking action against another BNP MEP.

You can read more by following the link below, but before you do just think awhile.

Why, even if you loathed someone in your own party, would you go to court? You would be forced to wash all your dirty laundry in public, and when the 'employee' in question is some sort of "sado masochist bondage punk" (even if it is just an image meant to shock grannies) the overall picture left in the mind of the public will be that your party is a relative cess pit. Certainly nothing new, nothing decent, nothing to defend standards.

Why would anyone wish that on their own party? Why would anyone want to publicly smear nationalism in that way?

So many questions... Disturbing answers.

Remember: none of this is down to lefties, Muslims etc. this is all the work of people within the BNP, and specifically people close to the BNP leader.

It's not good.

We said years ago (many years ago) that the takeover of the BNP, its Zionist agenda, its dumbing down etc. would reverberate throughout nationalism and make us all look bad. 

Go see at GriffinWatch


Anonymous said...

She must be the butch one in the relationship!

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