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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bishop Williamson Wins His Court Appeal Against 'Holocaust' Sentence & Fine

Great news!

His Lordship, the English Bishop Richard Willamson has won his appeal in a German Court against his conviction for having a personal opinion based on research of an historical event.

No, not the Battle of Hastings. Not the Bomber Command actions of WW2. Not the Boer War. Nor the Napoleonic Peninsular War. Not the sacking of Gibraltar.Not the gulags nor the Ukrainian forced starvation. Not the Irish potato famine. Nor the Katyn Forest massacre. Not the Spanish Inquisition. Not even the Armenian genocide. certainly not the expulsion of Palestinians.

It seems the only bit of world history we are not allowed to discuss, in quite a few countries, is the alleged "holocaust of six million Jews" (not even the number of Catholic Poles or Russian PoWs who died in German captivity).

What this does show is that given a punchy defence, standing up to the courts, victory is possible.

Congratulations to Bishop Williamson. As we go through Lent towards Easter, might those who still hide away "for fear of the Jews" as did the Apostles following the Crucifixion (the more times change, the more they stay the same) get out and start defending 'Europe and the Faith' from the anti-Christian hordes who seek to drag us and our Christian heritage down.

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Anonymous said...

A great victory!

God bless Bishop Richard Williamson.

Anonymous said...

From the latest SSPX newsletter:

"As we have been honoured to have Bishop Richard Williamson in residence at St. George's House since February 2009, (following a certain interview accorded to Swedish TV in Germany), it will be of interest to our faithful and readers to note that the court case against him has been dropped by a court of appeal in Bavaria. Following His Lordship's second appeal, 'the First Appeals Bench of the Provincial Court of Nuremberg ruled on 22nd February 2012 that:

1. Upon appeal of the accused, the 11th July 2011 judgement of the Regional Court in Regensburg is annulled.

2. The legal proceedings are stopped because of a procedural obstacle to their continuing.

3. The costs of the legal proceedings and the expenses necessarily incurred by the accused are to be paid by the State.'

The 22nd February ruling went on to say that:

'The summons as we have it, not providing details sufficient to present the required result of the investigation, does not contain enough facts to constitute a punishable offence. Passages are quoted from the interview given by the accused with the indication that the accused must have reckoned with the content of the interview also becoming known in Germany. What is not shown is that the content of the interview was in fact made public and became known also in Germany. There are to be found no explanations of the time and place of any such publication, nor of any means neither of publication nor of any channels of communication.

But according to Article 130 it is a prerequisite that the action involved should have been performed in public or at a meeting, so some act of communication with a number of people also comes into it. Giving an interview to a journalist inside an SSPX seminary with no public present represents on the contrary no prior punishable act, because the legislator did not include amongst the acts forbidden by Article 130 any attempt to reach the public. Accordingly the summons mentions no punishable behaviour (as yet): essential characteristics required by the law to constitute the inner and outer facts of the criminal deed are not present.' "

Anonymous said...

Will Argentina apologise for kicking out a Bishop who has commited no crime?

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