Tuesday, 7 February 2012

An Illegal Immigrant and a State Breaking Ancient Laws

He's an ILLEGAL Immigrant. Simples.
The argument over Abu Qatada is all the fault of liberalism and a failed multi-racial immigration policy.

He is an illegal immigrant. He should not be in this country. He should have been turned back on Day One. But like countless (literally!) other illegal immigrants he was allowed in, and immediately gets hand-outs.

He has not (so we are told) broken any laws since his illegal arrival and the state locked him up because his thoughts are deemed dangerous.

So let us analyse this:

  • His very presence here is illegal (a costly mistake as he, like others, receives state handouts).
  • The state is locking up those it disagrees with, without stating what law they have broken.

Both of those should worry nationalists - because the former means the politicians are traitors, letting in hundreds of thousands of non-Europeans each year (against our wishes), yet when the dangerous ones are spotted they then tweak the law to lock up people on a pretext.

Now I do not support "militant Islam" before the Neo Con trolls start up. I am a White Christian Nationalist. I do not believe in coloured immigration. I believe Europe should be Christian in its entirety (as Belloc said "Europe is the Faith, the Faith is Europe").

However, the fact the the state is locking up Muslims (rather than just stopping the entry of all non-Europeans) means that one day they will be more than capable of doing this to nationalists.

Far fetched? Many/most "terror attacks" are false flag operations. Many "extremist" Muslims are in the pocket of the CIA/Mossad (just as top IRA people were in the pocket of the British state).

All it takes is one false flag op, one paid-idiot to spout crap about "sending 'em home in body bags" and we could easily see nationalists who have spoken out against coloured immigration, multi-culturalism locked up for "hate speech."

That is why nationalists need to be intelligent. By all means oppose Abu Qatada. Oppose his Islamism. Oppose his very presence here. But please do not be (Neo) Conned into supporting an illegal act of government which flies in the face of Magna Carta, the Law and Natural Justice.

If the government had any cajones it would stick him on the first plane home, as it should have done x number of years ago, just as it should with all illegal immigrants.

Illegal = Criminal.

But their liberalism means he stays here, and so they think up new 'powers' for themselves to whisk people off the streets for their thoughts and ideas and bang them up indefinitely.

If a piece from this blog is one day found in the home of some Mossad-paid nutter who shoots or blows up blacks, Muslims, queers or whoever, they could come for me because they will say I am a "hater" and helped "inspire" Mr. Nutter (despite the fact that Third Positionists have always categorically condemned terrorism as morally unacceptable and tactically misjudged). But we all know how the government, media and various pressure groups work.

When the TP has had various centres, in this country and abroad, the Mossad-mouthpieces, media etc. have always parroted phrases such as "terrorist training camps" when they were anything but. A surprise visit would garner more books, families, games of football etc. then even a fish filleting knife. But that doesn't stop the media, the Mossad crowd and others - because they believe a lie oft repeated is a lie believed.

So please do oppose Abu Qatada in your writings, actions and conversations. But do not support the illegal actions of a (Zionist, multi-racist, anti-nationalist) state that could one day be used against law-abiding citizens who disagree with government policy.

Let's not make slaves of ourselves to cover up the ridiculously liberal immigration policy of a failed and treacherous system.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that it is those who make the Laws, that dictate the Law as and how they seem fit.

Just consider how many MP's are members of the legal profession.

As a furhte example, we all know PM Tony Blair was trained in the lefal profession himself and 'funnily enough' so was his wife Cherie, in fact her niche is Equality/Human Rights and this is where it gets even 'funnier', the very first thing the Labour government did (even before they sold 'our' gold to the Germans!) was sign up to the European Court of Human Rights.

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