Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trevor Phillips: Multi-Culti Bully Boy of a Growing Police State

"Toe the line" is the cry from the promoter of mass coloured immigration, homosexual rights and much else that is bad in 'modern Britain.'

He says that if Christians see that a 'law' does not fit with the morality of Christianity (queer adoption, abortion, homo-rights, euthanasia, usury etc.) then Christians should follow the law of the land, in effect that "we" have to choose between our religion (our heritage, our civilisation, our roots, our forefathers) or the "law of the land" -- the threat being that if we choose the former we somehow become OUTLAWS.

How long before the police knock on doors of those who speak out against queer rights? How long before the police turn up and arrest a Christian being beaten up by homosexuals because he gave out leaflets or held a placard with a Biblical quote?

Next year? Next week? Tomorrow? Think again patriot! These things have already happened.

From the bosses of Westminster's quangos and the Race Lobby to the Masonic police chiefs who enforce Acts of Parliament passed by degenerates and traitors, to the Charity Commissioners who shut down adoption agencies who wouldn't house children with poofs... 1984 and much worse is already starting, and it's all around us.

It is our duty to speak out when we can, make our friends and neighbours aware. We cannot allow what was once dismissed as the "loony left" (Frankfurt School Marxists) to hold sway over public policy without fighting back.

There are plenty of bodies out there fighting back, professionally organised and looking for help. Look them up, join them, give their materials to those interested in your community.

If we lose this fight the enemies of civilisation will not give up the ground they gain. Network, educate yourself, be intelligent and join the resistance however you can.

Trevor Phillips Says Christians Must Choose


Rufus said...

Christians will definitely be attacked, as will anyone with a sense of moral worth. The recent case of the Muslims who were imprisoned for giving out leaflets which spoke the truth about faggotry should ring alarm bells with everyone, regardless of his or her opinion of Islam. Fair enough, calling for homosexuals to be killed, and not cured, is going a bit far, but in a democracy, any opinion is valid. Or is our land a democracy in name only? Heaven forbid!!

Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence that AH 'teamed up' with Moslems.

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