Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Belgian Reds get Accosted by Muslims

In this video we see Muslims go up against Communists, in Brussels.

Cor blimey guvnor it's like Afghanistan 1980 all over again.

What was it the militant lefty Mensi once sang about the Hammer and Sickle being fickle?

And is that a poof banner behind the Muslims? It's all getting a bit panto mate! "They're behind you!"

I always wonder why Communists back 'queer rights' when faggotry was always a disease of the idle rich - mind you so was Marxism.

I've answered me own question! Apples and pears!


Anonymous said...

Commies back/promote every minority/degenerate act under the sun, be it homosexuality, abortion, anti-religion/atheism, bestiality, paedophilia, racial miscegnation, climate change etc. their aim is to destroy society and the bedrock of civilised society is Faith, Family & Nation.

The Marxists are adept at the long game, they also realise that however insignificant one particular issue may be in the grand scheme of things every cog has an important role to play in working the big machine!

Anonymous said...

Communists just never learn do they, do none of them know about the stampede to leave the Party by the gentiles in the 1930's when it was obvious to even the most stupid that Bolshevism is jewish/khazarist.

Anarcho/Reds don't you just hate it when the ingrates who you are fighting on behalf of turn on you? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... one final thing, don't think you can weedle amongst our ranks, the only way you can make amends for your betrayal is not by becoming a canvasser if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Moreover if the muzzies attack the poofs somewhere like London wwngd? What would nick griffin do?

All those times he defended poofs and condemned muzzies for attacking western secular values - like hugging queers.

there'd be a money begging email in it somewhere you bet

Anonymous said...

You're about as on the ball as a dead seal! This was 2 years ago!!

Final Conflict said...

Something that's interesting doesnt date my friend. Everyone is tsill discussing the "Credit Crunch" etc.

Anonymous said...

What has how long ago got to do with anything, Reds still go on, and on, and on.....about Cable Street 1936.

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