Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Of Valentines, Arnold Leese and Hoovering

"Love is in the air."
Happy Valentines Day to all you old romantics out there.

Every fascist needs that special person in the background, doing the mundane jobs, keeping the children entertained, scrubbing the floors, doing the washing up in their marigolds and dusting the hard to reach corners...

...at least that is what Mrs FC tells her 'Armold Leese ladies' reading circle' whilst pointing at me as I disrupt them with the hoover.

Ah yes, life is sweet in Codreanu Cottage and love (not dust!) is in the air.

Now I must get on, that pile of plates won't clean themselves y'know.


It is a little known fact that many modern loves songs are, in fact, based on the life of Arnold Spencer Leese, leader of the Imperial Fascist League and the UK's foremost camel doctor.

All You Need is Love, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, It Must be Love, the Power of Love, More than Words and (of course!) Eternal Flame, are just a few of those that the fascist leader inspired.


Anonymous said...

Arny is indeed the leading authority on camels, I am studying for a doctorate in camel toes!

Final Conflict said...

back to school. very drole.

Anonymous said...

How did Arnold take his tea? Dromidary or Bactrian or was he sweet enough already?!

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