Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Anti-Racist Liberals Hoisted by their own Police State Petard

Satire is no defence: Lock 'em up.
Liberals and Anti-Racists, egged on by the overpaid (via taxpayers' funds) Race Lobby, often staffed by extreme communist or corrupt money-grubbers, have long called for more Police State powers to target "racists."

These "racists" are often just decent people who are fed up of mass coloured immigration, or whop oppose the gradual take-over of England by millions of non-Europeans. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with that opinion. It is not illegal. It is not hateful. It is certainly not nihilistic or anarchic.

This has not stopped the institutionally anti-white Race Lobby nor the institutionally liberal and corrupt "leaders" of the political, lawyer, police and media classes from conspiring to target those who are opposed to immigration, often painting them as "racists," "fascists," "extremists," "neo-nazis" and so on ad infinitum.

These people, a mixture of posh liberals and Freemasons and (ex) Marxist agitators, have tried to make opposition of multi-culturalism and/or mass coloured immigration (a thing most people would have agreed with a few decades ago) criminal.

So it is with some joy we find out that the anti-racists of the "Red Attitude" Manchester United fanzine have had copies removed by the police and a threat to have the issue destroyed, because they used a KKK image, albeit as a means to attack Liverpool fans who have 'dared' to stand up and defend Luis Suarez. The Liverpool fans don't seem to understand (or rather they do and they don't like it) that in the post-Macpherson Report world, when a coloured person thinks he is the recipient of "racism" it ipso facto (regardless of the facts) becomes a racist crime!

This is of course itself racist, because if I report a crime as racist as a white man, simply because I assume it to be so, the police will probably ignore me or even treat me as a 'white racist' for stirring up trouble.

That the Man Utd fanzine was grabbed from the hands of their supporters outside Old Trafford on the State's ridiculous anti-racist twisted politically correct generalisations has some deliciousness about it. Let the liberals, Marxists and anti-racists moan all they like: they have created this crass stupidity wherein items can be grabbed, editors can be arrested, writers can be jailed and mags/books can be banned - not for obscenity, not for offending public morals, not for promoting terrorism or violence: but merely for going against what the modern-days lords and masters say is correct as regards multi-racism and immigration.

So, let's pretend we are as twisted as those treacherous, commie, anti-white commissars and say, with tongue firmly in cheek:

It's the only way to protect the public and democracy!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, the next time I see Mel Brooks I'm going to call up the local bizzies, it will be lovely to make use of the State lackeys in derobing the poisonous little truly will be Springtime for Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Everyone ought to call their local bobby making a complaint whenever they see someone dressed as a NS/Klansman etc. it will stop us having to bash the scum who don such apparel with no right to do so!

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