Monday, 6 February 2012

Anti-Racist Group Say Critics of Corruption are "Racist"

Naz Malik - as featured on the Lottery website
Ethnic minority "spokesmen" are starting to learn from extreme Zionists.

When Zionists are caught supporting  mass-murder, caught embezzling funds, caught out being nepotistic etc. they screech "ANTI-SEMITISM" as loud as they can, hoping to smear their opponents and silencing potential critics. Some reporters won't touch such stories for fear of aggro from vested interests, media owners and some advertisers.

Now it seems the "anti-racist" pro-ethnic lobby are copying these antics.

The Welsh media have been reporting on a Swansea-based group called AWEMA (All Wales Ethnic Minority Association), whose leader Naz Malik - it is alleged - has employed family members, inflated all their wages, given himself perks, and paid off his credit card with AWEMA funds. A report is due out any day whose author says he has found a number of very corrupt practises.

AWEMA is funded by the Welsh government - to the tune of £8.5 million a year! That is tax-payers' money (what recession?) used to push an anti-white message. £8.5 million a year to help an ethnic population that must be minimal compared to England or even Scotland. It also has received had outs from the National Lottery. Mr. Malik is also a Labour Party activist (receiving funds from a Labour-run government...)

Yet it can't be corrupt, it can't be money wasted... to think that is just "racist" - so they tell us!

Let us hope the author of the report sues for defamation, as they are stating he is a "racist" for uncovering what could be illegal activities based around finances and bullying.

The ("racist") allegations (as reported by the BBC):
  • Naz Malik used "Awema funds in an inappropriate way", including paying off credit card debts worth £9,340
  • Mr Malik "has increased his own benefits package without due openness or transparency". This includes Mr Malik's salary being increased to £65,719 without approval from the board
  • Mr Malik "has authorised inappropriate payments, expenses and purchases, which may constitute gross misconduct"
  • Mr Malik's daughter Tegwen Malik "has been employed, and promoted on a number of occasions, without any internal or external competition". It is alleged her salary increased from £20,469 in January 2008 to £50,052 in August 2011
  • Regular claims are made for relatively expensive meals and hotels, including alcoholic drinks
  • The treatment of some junior staff was so poor that it contravened their human rights
  • Source: Paul Dunn's report for trustees.


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