Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hollie Grieg - Paedophile Cover Up by the Establishment

With corruption in the police currently on full display at the Leveson Enquiry, and institutional ineptitude on display after a negro serial rapist escaped justice for many years in the South London area (he was black, his victims mostly -or all?- white, so the police escape a charge of institutional racism); we must not be afraid to speak out against cover-ups.

Does KINCORA ring a bell?

When politicians and establishment figures (and past paedo scandals with MPs have been silenced) are involved, the establishment often closes ranks. They did so in a huge scandal in North London involving a local Labour bigwig. Is it the Masonic link? The old school tie network, or just evil people conspiring to abuse children?

Paedophilia is a heinous crime. There is nothing worse. This society and the criminal justice system treats it as if it were bank robbery (often bank robbers get longer sentences!): as if bits of paper meant more than the lives and innocence of children. 

We, whether we call ourselves the silent majority, the voice of decency, the defenders of Christian values, must speak out and demand the strictest possible sentences for paedo's. The death sentence, for the worst cases, MUST be an option.

As sexual degenerates are given free reign in society, and promoted by parliament, the BBC and even the churches (yes, and even in nationalism!), is it any wonder that other sexual degenerates feel empowered, especially when these seedy, drug-riddled worlds often overlap.

Some will be surprised I mention nationalism, but the fact is that just as in the post-1960s (some would say "judaised") Catholic Church, nationalism (through the - some would say "Zionised" - BNP) began in the 00's to turn a "blind eye" to queers. The stable door was well and truly open. Once you open that door the cancer of sexual perversion floods in. Now those who split-off from the BNP and joined groups like the EDL even have their own queer sections.

There is no excuse. There can be no excuses. 

This is why nationalism must stand firm. No to homosexuality. No to paedophilia. Outlaw the former. Capital punishment for the latter.

Trying to (ahem) fudge on this issue leads to what the (liberalised) Catholic Church and the (liberalised) BNP suffered - being seen as outright hypocrites in public. Saying one thing, doing another. Defending the Family in public, but allowing perverts in your own ranks. That kind of flip-flop policy is not only false, it eats away at the innards of the organisation, because the public see you as hypocrites, your members no longer believe, and your organisation is bought out by, split by and internally emptied by the forces of liberalism and degeneracy that you should have been fighting against in the first place instead of allowing them in (ahem) by the back door, just to be all "caring" and "inclusive," or more cynically for the money and manpower needs of the organisation in question.

There can be no cover-ups. Truth and justice is required in all such cases.

Justice for Hollie Grieg.

Hat tip to Griffin Watch from whom I shamelessly nicked this video.


Anonymous said...

It is liberalisation of society and sexual morality, since the 60s, that has led to paedophilia happening more and more often.

The media sexualises children, adults are told they can do "anything" to "anyone".

Why are we surprised?

Anyone who says enough is enough is attacked as a hater, a bigot, someone who lives in the past, or even a closet homosexual - usually by a very well organised homo-atheist militant activist base.

This country is in a real mess.

Anonymous said...

Paedos existed way before the 60s, the only difference is now it is being highlighted, why is this?

When you consider (at least those of us old enough!) what an unmentioned taboo homosexuality was but is now, not only pushed/promoted, but has become a very, very strong political bloc in its own right. Who's to say that paedophiles are not campaigning in the same way, remember that many members of the ruling elite, from teachers, to politicians, to judges, to priests are paedos themselves. Also, if you doubt that paedos do indeed hold political ambitions then consider what Harriet Harman suggested during her 'researcher' days.

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