Sunday, 30 December 2007

BNP: The Corrupt Ask for More Money!!!

Just as people are seeing through the corruption, cronyism and contempt for members at the top of the BNP... the leadership reacts by mailing out to appeal for more donations!

A party that spends money on its own leader's house extension (it publicly attacked UKIP for similar) and which has been shown to act as a fund-raiser for the leadership's own wages and scams... which now has a rebellion of circa 60 organisers and councillors (leading many more) who are holding back donations, is now asking the plebs for more money!

You couldn't make it up!

And the party which includes practicing homosexuals, which includes the mixed-race and race-mixers and whose leadership uses Christianity as a cloak for its own Machiavellian schemes and Neo-Con aspirations, and whose leader wants an EU sinecure so as to grab a pension-for-life has the nerve to attack "militant homosexuals, immigrants and Eurocrats" - as well as its CIA-style bogeyman "radical Muslims."

Sheesh. Who are they trying to fool?

Seems some people never learn.

The more money they trouser, the more they want. Affordable Cars. House Extension. Great White Records. Collett's leaflet-printing scam... Money is taken in, skimmed and recycled amongst the corrupt cabal.

How much has been wasted on half-baked business schemes? How much has been wasted on plush hotel rooms? How much has been trousered along the way? Over the last 7 years it has to be dozens and dozens of thousands of pounds.

But still they want more.

Previous money-making scams centred around a Welshpool PO Box (NG). This one comes from a Leeds PO Box (MC).

Seems like the apprentice is learning from the master.

It used to be for Race & Nation.

Now it's for Shekels & Pension(s).

Why should a working class white family struggling to pay their mortgage or a little old white lady send these shysters £20 just to add to the large bundle of 'wonga' they are already skimming off in wages and expenses - not to mention their little side-lines they're conning their own members with?

It's all the more galling as the impression gained is they're doing this to cover the hole left from donations stopped and memberships withheld by those who have seen through the cronyism and corruption at the top, as if they're saying "you lot don't matter, a couple of mail-outs will fill the gap."

And to run it from Collett's PO Box in rebel-held Leeds when Collett is the reason for much of the rebellion?

if I was one of the rebels I'd be incandescent with rage.

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