Friday, 25 July 2008

Are BNP Members Being Fleeced for £30K?

Is the BNP's latest money-raising scheme a scam?

The UK Life League know the BNP is not in reality Pro Life nor Christian, so if this isn't more spin from the media and overplaying of their hand by the BNP leadership one has to wonder why this marriage of convenience (civil partnership?) came about.

No doubt more of this will trickle out in the next few days.

What interesting times we live in.

BNP 'Truth Truck' £30K Scam?


behind blue eyes said...

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to sleaze and corruption regarding Griffin and his entourage.

In mytholgy Griffin's are synonymous with guarding/protecting treasure!

"Truth Truck" eh. Somehow Truth and Griffin is a bit of an oxymoron or is that the stuff he uses to glue his eye in with. I can never remember.

Harry Mc said...

The BNP's begging letters have been carbon copies of the UKLL's ones for months.

many in the Pro-Life scene are pissed off with the UKLL who have become a money-raising machine just like the mainstream SPUC, whom the UKLL slag off for that reason.

It seems the BNP is now becoming just another pressure group that exists to fleece its supporters with these kind of American-style mail-outs.

From SPUC to UKLL to BNP: all seem to exist to pay the wages of the bosses and fleece the well-meaning but gullible.

Son of Donegal said...

The UKLL (JD) was given a huge wadge of money bu Irish Pro-Lifers to help set up Precious Life Scotland (before UKLL) on the condition that he didn't set up anything in the Republic or the North.

He has since set-up money raising Pro-Life set-ups in both 'the North ' [though south of me!]AND the republic.

A lot of Irish pro-Lifers are now VERY angry. This is not the way to behave.

I think with the Gri££in angle this could bring down a shower of shite on the UKLL and its various off-shoots.

Will respectable Glaswegian Pro-Lifers want to be associated with the BNP? Er no.

I know people here won't want to be.

Family Man said...

Do the UKLL know that the BNP officials include swingers, homosexuals, marriage-cheats, paedophiles etc.?

Is that what the UKLL now stands for?

Is that what the UKLL acquiesce in?

I always liked the UKLL - despite some pc language they're forced to use, bt if they are getting 'down and dirty' with the BNP then they are no better than the groups they condemn for the very same!

jamie said...

will no one answer these points?

Lionheart said...

According to The Indpendent Oct 11th 2007, homosexual activist Johann Hari wrote:

"At the end of that TV programme, I went to shake Dowson's hand - I believe in being polite, even to enemies - and he thrust his hands angrily into his pockets. "I know where it's been," he said."

And yet Dowson apparently pals up with the BNP leadership which allows homosexuals in its ranks and covers up for swingers and paedophiles cos they're 'good BNP members'.


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