Thursday, 24 July 2008

Spooks Sting Max Mosley But He Wins Court Case

So Formula One boss Max Mosley has walked away from a media sting in which one of the 'call girls' has already been exposed (pardon Matron!) as a spook agent.

This further underlines the pathetic way that our security services waste their time and money - and engage in questionable not to say illegal activities - in order to "bring down" figures they deem, in some way, to be an enemy of the State.

I don't know why they targeted Max Mosley. Maybe it was because of his father, maybe it came down to money and power. Perhaps it was a mixture of both: or something else known only to Mosley and the spooks...

This whole scenario is very reminiscent of another "sex scandal" involving David Mellor. Again it involved the lowest of the gutter press (Sunday red-tops) and was a sordid sex n sleaze. If you remember it involved a prostitute (again!) and the aforementioned MP engaging in what some euphemistically call 'Ugandan discussions.'

The interesting bit about the Mellor affair was not the lascivious tittle tattle or the prurient details that many Eastenders-watching morons poured over; but involved David Mellor MP a little while before the story broke.

You see, dear reader, Mr. Mellor had the damned nerve to travel out to occupied Palestine as an official - as a minister in Her Majesty's government no less! - and chastise the Israelis for their treatment of the Palestinians.

At the time he said what many other politicians would fear to say (even to this day, even when Israel invaded Lebanon with horrendous loss of life, and Blair's regime dragged its feet!). His words were withering and brought into sharp focus the illegal and shameful activities of the Israeli invaders and occupiers.

He was a veritable "voice in the wilderness" of Biblical proportions!

...And the 'people that matter' had him marked from that point onwards. They were determined to bring him down with maximum fanfare and embarrassment. If they could have ruined him via financial misappropriation, they would have.

So what's to be learnt from all this?

People who get in the way of our Zionist masters and their political, financial or other power structures will be set-up by the spooks.

This is why those who seek to lead political, social or pressure-group opposition to the New World Order should be (ahem!) whiter than white.

This isn't some kind of infantile puritanism, though it could be argued that sound morals, as well as the ability to keep fingers out of tills, shouldn't be beyond the pale for anyone fighting the system.

The sad truth is that if anyone who wants to be (or who wants to be seen to be) making a stand needs to be free of sexual, financial and other scandals.

If they are not, the spooks will either (emotionally) blackmail them into toeing the line, or they will be exposed as 'hypocrites' and shamed into silence.

So whatever your thoughts on Max Mosley as an individual, as a big businessman and as a sexual deviant, today is a good day because the spooks and their pet media has been given a bit of a bloody nose.

BBC News on Mosley Court Victory
MI5 Involved in Mosley Sting


Anonymous said...

Many believe the Bill Clinton and the Monica "story" was given publicity because of Clinton not towing the Israeli line with a particular issue in the Middleeast. It is known that he has done far worse: cocaine addiction, many women and probably a few murders. The publicity in this case was a shot across the bows.

The Moseley case once illustrates the connection with sex and politics. Many reallydepraved individuals (Eg Greville Janner) go untouched. And you know, it's just not political expediency that provides for the protection of these individuals. Political promotion based on far far greater deviance than Moseley is BUILT INTO the system.

Final Conflict said...

Absolutely Simojhn. if you read how groups as disparate - yet similar in many ways - as the Mafia, Mossad, MI5 etc. operate one of the key aspects is blackmail via sexual deviancy or ill-advised sexual liasons.

In Ostrovsky's book 'By way of deception' it shows how they spent ages getting an Iranian [?] scientist to chat up a 'sexy' business woman he would ocassionally bump into. She was working for Mossad. They even made him believe that the liason was his doing - i.e. she did not prompt him.

These people are devious, clever and patient.

Those close to home who indulge in swinging, internet sex sites, dating - whilst married - and underage sex [naming no names] would do well to remember all this.

The bigger they [think they] are, the harder they fall.

And most people don't have Mosley's money to deny "nazi" smears by a Zionist-owned/led media.

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