Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Life Under an Autocratic Regime: Election Canceled amid Threats & Expulsions

There is a repressive "country". A man who has held power for so long that those opposing him accuse him of all manner of corruption, nepotism, cronyism and downright thievery.

The GDP of the country is claimed to be the best-ever and yet the (red sea pedestrian!) bean counters claim it to be solvent by the skin of its teeth and could "go under" at any time (labeling it "insolvent").

A few brave souls have rallied in opposition to the financial crimes, sexual crimes and infractions against Natural Justice of a corrupt and embittered leadership.

These people have faced intimidation, slander, attacks on their property and use of state forces.

The opponents of the ruling clique are dismissed as cranks, nazis, communists and the lowest of the low - despite the opposition's claims to simply want openness, democracy, financial transparency etc.

In the latest twist, there was such pressure exerted to ensure "loyalty," so many threats and even banishment from the land of any who were likely to support the 'opposition' that the leading candidate looking to stand in an election against the incumbent was forced to quit the election race, in scenes which outsiders have said are ridiculous and show that any claims to "democracy" are a farce.

The official, ruling-body controlled media of this land make little mention of this, only very occasionally to besmirch opponents as the agents of external powers.

Of course glowing references to the Dear Leader appear throughout the official media (in every possible place), as do hand-picked sycophantic purple prose by selected followers of the regime. Alternative views and criticism of the leader-for-life (or until he proposes a leader-in-waiting like some Machiavellian sinecure or some 18th century Rotten Borough) are simply not permitted in a media whose total control would make Beria blush with shame.

This may be life in Zimbabwe... but it's also life in the BNP.

No Freedom.
Mixed Identity.
What Security?
Joke Democracy.


Bol said...

Didn't Mugabe and Griffin both replace alleged "White Extremists" and promise a new era of openness and freedom, only to deliver worse servitude, control, centralisation, control of the media, financial mismanagement, cronyism etc.?

Mugabe and Griffin: THE STRUGGLE IS ONE!

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