Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Joseph Stalin & Robert Mugabe: The Struggle is One!

Stalin is alive and well and living near King's Cross... or popping in to visit that locale at least!

Right: Stalin, whose opposition to bendy buses on the streets of London is well known.

For this Sunday, 27th of July, the Stalin Society is having a little soiree at The Lucas Arms at 245A Gray's Inn Road, just round the corner from King's Cross (post code WC1X 8QZ for those of you with a Sat Nav!)

It's hard to believe that the biggest mass murderer of the 20th Century -- even as accepted by liberals and Holocaustians -- is feted by a group of hard-line Communists who have taken his name for their grouplet.
One wonders if groups like Searchlies and the Anti Nazi League will turn up to protest for "democracy" (as they always claim is their aim) against these Stalinist twerps.

You might wonder why the Stalin Society is meeting. To swap photos of mass burials perhaps? Or to study transcripts of kangaroo courts?

No, these are Stalinists at the cutting edge! Not for them the ruminating over the Fourth International, or studies into ice-picks and their usage in political assassination.

They are gathering next Sunday at 2pm to hear talks on and discuss "Another imperialist attempt at regime change" in... Zimbabwe!

Perhaps they see similarities between Stalin and Mugabe - who wouldn't! - and admittedly many people are concerned when the New World Order tries to oust a government, but they should remember that Mugabe started off as the non-Marxist choice of the "western democracies" (as many say Fidel Castro was too) who has simply had his hand in the till for too long and grown fat from years at the helm filling his pockets and getting rid of potential opponents (remind you of anyone else close to home?).

Left: They may link to Fox News and other Zionist stooges, but this slogan is most apt!

Besides which the irony of anyone worshiping at the altar of Stalin and denouncing imperialism must mean they are either acutely dumb or having the biggest laugh at the expense of millions of Ukrainians, Poles, Hungarians, Balts etc. etc.

Still I daresay all this will be made apparent at the Stalin Society's shindig, so pop by for a chat. Ice picks are optional!


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The Stalin Society! (See - I'm not joking)


behind blue eyes said...

FC, this is one sick joke fella.

Obviously they haven't read the article entitled Stalin's Jews - We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish by Jewish reporter
Sever Plocker at:-,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Another distorted piece of history once again rears its ugly head. Same as those on the left who make out that the only mass murder was carried out by Stalin. As we all know the systematic slaughter was started as soon as the Jewish Bolsheviks - Lenin and Trotsky (Bronstein)etc. - got into power. Let's not forget that Stalin was also Jewish.

Check out Stalin Was Simply A Moscow Coffee House Jew at:-

Look at this picture:- and tell me he's not Jewish!!

sidney poitier's errant pupil said...

If Griffin gets his way at the EGM next Sunday he'll be a dictator for life of the BNP, and also have a guaranteed pension of circa 40K a year plus his Trafalgar Club profits!

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