Friday, 4 July 2008

Lebensraum Hits India

Yum yum.

Care for some Berlin-Burgers and Fuhrer-Fries? Followed by a healthy slice of Dictator Dessert?

If you're ever in Bombay (trying to get to speak to someone from British Gas or Thames Water maybe) pop into the Hitler's Cross cafe.

Apparently the swazi's and posters of Hitler are quite a pull.

It's funny, because outside of Europe and away from any sizable Jewish community - these things rapidly become just another marketing ploy devoid of nauseous war propaganda and sentimentality.

Though the Jews of Bombay are said to be livid. In fact I think the tag line of the eatery should be:

...but the local Rabbi's furious!

Your suggestions for food a Hitler Cafeteria might sell. appreciated!


behind blue eyes said...

No kosher food that's for sure!

Nazi Naans
Blitzkrieg Buns
Panzer Patties
Messerschmidt Meatloaf
Stalingrad Soup
Stuker Sandwiches
Barbarossa Butties
Kristalnacht Korma

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