Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Masons Planned the UN in 1942!

I found a great Allied propaganda poster from WW2.

It seems that even back in 1942 our Masonic masters were planning the "united Nations", based in their power-base New York of course! Why else is the Masonic 'Statue of Liberty' included - unless to give a subliminal message the the war is being fought for Masonic ideals and for a Masonic UN?

The series of flags kind of reminds me of Rumsfeld's "coalition of the willing" - for who can forget Mexico and Honduras's huge role in "fighting fascism."

But seriously how ironic was it that Poland was listed along with the USSR, when the USSR occupied half of Poland in 1939, and all of it in 1944/45?

Some kind of Freedom as evidenced at Katyn Forest!


LBN said...

Now when they want to gain his freedom they must fight against those of the freedom´s statue. They are the real world tyrants, the axis of the evil. Anti-US pride world wide.

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