Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Guide to Nick Griffin's BNP

Oh what naughty FC reader sent this into us?

Tsk tsk. Such infantile behaviour should not be encouraged: ask the man who published the cartoons mocking John Tyndall as Fozzie Bear in Nationalism Today!


behind blue eyes said...

He may have looked like Fozzie Bear but at least he never sold his soul to the Synagogue of Satan!!!

Griifin shows his true colours in his New Year’s Message on the BNP website:
"A small clique (relentlessly backed by the far-left) has been plotting behind the scenes to use lies, character assassination and deceit to hijack the BNP and drag it back into an ugly past of mythical ‘Jewish conspiracies’, juvenile cross-burnings and crude race hate."

Mythical Jewish conspiracies!!!!!

Will the bogeyed poodle of the Jewish Lobby be the ultimate hypocrite and do an article about him on the anniversary of his death in a couple of weeks?

Principles to Griffin is a clothing chain on the high street!

Check out:-

Bol said...

"new affordable car" -- shouldn't that be "insurance write-off affordable car" or "cut-n-shunt affordable car" ???

Which other party political leader has a history in being a salesman of borderline-legal cars?

Did he pay for all the adverts in BNP publications?

What a shyster!

ANON said...

Patrick Harrington says leave Nick alone.

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