Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ray Lewis Deputy Mayor of London in trouble?

Interesting to hear that the black deputy mayor of London - chosen to target youth crime/problems (are they hinting that most trouble in London is from black youths?) - was embroiled in financial skulduggery back in the 90s when he walked away with tens of thousands of pounds lent to him by a parishioner.

Above Right: Boris Johnson (left!) and Ray Lewis. A new mayor - yet the talk of financial shenanigans continues.

This may be old news dredged up by a Labour Party still reeling from big inroads by the Tories, but it's embarrassing nonetheless.

Ray Lewis is still on the CofE's "Lambeth List" which means he cannot work for the Anglican Church in any public role.

At a time when events in Zimbabwe are making headlines, when the role of Nigerian gangs in financial (and internet) scams is well known, and especially in the shadow of horrendous social problems in London because of immigrant/coloured youths that are out of control, the fact that this coloured deputy mayor is in trouble is incredible.

Labour had their own shenanigans involving coloureds and money, especially with huge volumes supposed to be going to coloured businesses being pocketed by (coloured) Labour Party cronies.

Now the Tories are being seen in the same light.

When will these people ever learn?


Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson told friends (of mine) that he 'wanted a black deputy' even before he was elected. Why? I like Boris, but I think he shot himself in the foot with such reverse racism. Why a black deputy? Why not the best person for the job, regardless of colour?

behind blue eyes said...

Boris 'The fat Hymie' Johnson looked quite dapper in his pink Stetson hat at yesterday's Homfest in London.

Picture at:-

Yep, you can't complain about immigration, however your quite free to march through London espousing sodomy and rug munching!

Anonymous said...

ray lewis is a saint and has done amazing work
i don't believe what is being said by the media at all and hope that these allogations (which could be false)don't undermine the amazing work he has done for so many young people in london

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