Wednesday, 30 July 2008

BNP Red White & Blue (RWB) 2008

Here we see the new prize-giving at the BNP's RWB 2008.

Apparently a decent Kosher serving will only cost you 30 pieces of silver.

Sponsored by Silvers Accountants who will happily cook your books.


behind blue eyes said...

Red white and blue. More like cowardly yellow. Maybe Griffin and his homosexual entourage will finally 'come out' and embrace the colours of the Gay rainbow!

Anonymous said...

"and embrace the colours of the Gay rainbow!"

Perhaps in that case it should be called the Pink, White and Blue ?

Gribbin Extension Fund said...

I want to see who wins the "Trousering Most Donations" trophy.

Word is the 'leader-in-waiting' and alleged paedophile Mark Collet could give the Cyclops a run for his/our money.

According to legend, the curse of the Cyclops is that he can see the time and manner of his demise.


Edgar Griffin's mate at Silvers the Accountants said...

The organiser of the first RWB (in Gri££in's back yard) was a Freemason who wore a Masonic ring.

Another coincidence?

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