Monday, 21 July 2008

Which Shysters are Stealing Your Tax Pounds?

They say 'life imitates art' and so it is, quite often, in politics.

Right: Who takes more of your tax pounds? Incapacity benefit recipients? Or usury bankers?

This weekend just gone a quote from Irish patriot Justin Barrett was put on this blog. You can read it for yourself.

In the media today we had various government ministers and spokesmen bragging about how they are going to nail long-term unemployed who are claiming for disability reasons.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I have no truck with spongers who live off the dole. Unlike most politicians and certainly all party leaders, I have lived near and known such people all my life. From school colleagues who got "knocked-up" to gain a council house, entering "unknown" under the father's details on the birth certificate - when everyone knew who the father was, to neighbours and others living nearby who have lived off the dole and belong to families who get everything via state handouts.

However, let's also be clear - as per Mr. Barrett's quote from his excellent book - to target the genuinely disabled is a soft target from a government under fire.

If the government faced down the banksters and usurers they would gain billions, if not trillions. The National Debt drains our country, it saps money, taxes, earnings and more. It keeps our 'leaders' in thrall to international financiers whose greed and whims can take any state to the brink of destitution.

So by all means crack down on cheats and dole bums. But please don't have us believe that those people are the biggest criminals.

The real criminals are in Wall Street, the City of London and other financial centres.

But our government is too craven, too bought and paid for, and too treacherous to ever turn the tables on the real shysters, the real cheats: the latter day Wizard of Oz con men and their tawdry fiddling and spinning behind the curtains.

Let's see the government "get tough" with them!

In a world where war criminals are feted if they side with the New World Order we probably shouldn't hold our breath.


behind blue eyes said...

FC, do you know where I can get hold of this book?

Is this the same Labour party that is £24 million in arrears?

Is this the same Labour party that wastes billions of pounds each year?

I take it Gordon's bedtime reading doesn't include The Bumper Book of Government Waste: The scandal of the squandered billions from Lord Irvine's wallpaper to EU saunas and The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008: Brown's Squandered Billions.

Politicians are a collective of the most corrupt, inept and inefficient individuals you could ever come across and they have the gall and temerity to go after the most economically vulnerable people in society as per usual.

Try going after the real economic criminals for a change. The Zionist international financiers who rip off billions of pounds from this country each day and keep the vast majority of our countrymen in debt slavery. Why don't you tell these usurious swindlers were to go and print your own interest free money?

Unfortunately you never will due to the fact that you are puppets of these usurious parasites.

"The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency: their sole object is gain."
-- Napoleon Bonaparte

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