Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Thank God For Christian Heckler!

Thank God for the brave soul (pictured right) who stood up to the Anglican "Bishop" Gene Robinson, the practicing homosexual, in London yesterday.

As he called Robinson a heretic, the assembled liberals, homo's and God-knows-only-what slow hand-clapped him.

It speaks volumes about the state of the Anglican church that a man who defends the Bible is jeered by a motley crew of liberals who have gathered to hear what a degenerate homosexual has to 'teach' them.

This "touchy feely" liberal claptrap where anything goes is the reason why churches in England are emptying.

Militant Homosexuals are getting their "rights" and overturning centuries of Christian values and family-centred society; Militant Islam is being built into a bogeyman and motivates their people with its stance against degenerates; Militant Zionism is dragging the world to the edge of WW3 and controlling the media, government and more.

And where are the Christians? Well they tend to be so liberal, weak and limp-wristed that our faith becomes another non-offensive "choice" in a pic-n-mix of all manner of claptrap and nonsense, bending over backwards (pardon the pun) to appease all manner of degenerate scumbags and atheist socialist government ministers.

As the long-haired gent shouted down the sodomite as he preached at St Mary's Church in Putney, South-West London, I couldn't help think of Christ overturning the tables of the money-changers.

You see, there comes a time when actions speak louder than words.

As it was the man was escorted from the church (no, sadly not the faggot Bishop!) to ride off on his motorbike.

It seems we have a modern-day hero riding to the defence of all things good! "The man with no name" lives on, and the baddies better run for cover, eh compadre?

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behind blue eyes said...

The 'batty boy' Bishop obviously was off sick or fell asleep during the biblical discussions on Sodom and Gomorrah as part of his theological studies.

It states quite categorically in the Bible and Christian doctrine that homosexuality is an abomination and a grave sin. So it doesn't matter how hard these heretical liberals and progressives try and and dress it up you can't be a homosexual and a Christian at the same time. The two are quite clearly incompatible.

Congratulations to the brave man who had the decency and the courage of his convictions to be a lone voice in the congregational wilderness and state the truth with regard to the Bishop being a heretic and a degenerate.

The patronising abomination had the gall and temerity to ask the congregation to "pray for that man". No Bishop you are the putrid sodomiser who needs his prayers not the other way around!

I'm surprised the champion arse bandit himself Peter Tatchell didn't make an appearance.

Why is that the Church always aligns itself with Socialist/Communist groups/organisations (that despise Christianity) against the so-called 'racist' groups/organisations who stand for family values and see that the ruthless promotion of homosexuality is being used a tool to break down and destroy the family structure?

If by being against the abomination of homosexuality makes me guilty of the heinous 'Hate Crime' of homophobia then by the same logic people who undertake this lifestyle are guilty of the 'Hate Crime' of Christianphobia as they are not respecting their beliefs and values. They can't have it both ways.

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