Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Arrogance of Israel: Arrests, Settlements & Cartoons

Hamas is warning Abbas and his Proto-Zionist authority that continued arrests of Hamas activists will not be tolerated.

Remember that Hamas is the legitimate government of the Palestinian territories, but America and Israel insisted that Abbas hold onto power because he was a supporter of Israel.

Now with Israel ignoring US attempts to halt further Israeli settlements, the arrogance of the Zionist State in wanting to have its cake and eat it (or as the Italians say, to be drunk with a full barrel) is obvious for all to see.

With all this going on, what do the Freemasonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith (aka ADL) complain about? Palestinian cartoons (like the one above right) lampooning the Israeli Lobby's leverage over both US Presidential Candidates.

Do the ADL really think the whole world doesn't realise that America is in Israel's back pocket? Or that they and their ilk were behind the "Danish" cartoons which many Zionists said should be widely viewed in the spirit of "freedom."

Hamas warn of New Intifada

Israel Ignores USA on Settlements

ADL Complains of Palestinian Cartoon

ADL Site Shows Various Cartoons


behind blue eyes said...

The depths of hypocrisy that these murderous animals sink to never fails to amaze me.

So McCain and Obama aren't in Israel's pocket after all. I must have imagined them both giving arse licking talks to AIPAC. The Rothschilds held a fundraising event for McCain in London a couple of months ago. Even our great 'free press' printed that. Obama is a black Communist puppet of the Zionist bankers. See:-

The infamous Danish cartoons printed in Zionist owned newspapers. Also, Salman Rushdie getting knighted at the behest of Lord Rothschild. Now that wasn't a deliberate controversial decision now, was it?

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