Tuesday, 22 July 2008

War Criminal Arrested! False Identity Exposed!



No excuses. No cover-ups.

I was as shocked as the next man to hear that an international war criminal - OK, "alleged" - has been arrested.

There was joy on the streets where his many victims once walked, though some of his supporters "back home" made brave noises about him doing what he did in their defence - a ridiculous statement devoid of mature argument and steeped in jingoism and party political loyalty.

As I understand it the man with the blood on his hands has undergone some radical changes and taken on a new persona. Some who came into contact with him even said he appeared quiet, educated and even "religious" in his outlook: a far cry from his days overseeing some of the worst war crimes seen since the rape of Berlin in 1945.

There is a fear that the mass murderer will claim ignorance, that he was only following orders from another capital city, or that his soldiers carried out illegal acts whilst he remained ignorant.

Yes it seems that the man most of the world loathed for his terrible crimes against civilians walked amongst many unsuspecting people as a so-called "Middle East Peace Envoy" but today, under arrest, Tony Blair at last faces justice for the tens of thousands murdered on his orders.

If only...


Anonymous said...

You are a fool!

Final Conflict said...

Ah the cut and thrust of political debate.

I am a fool eh?

So are you saying Tony Blair killed LESS people than all the Serb leaders are accused of?

Or are you saying his wars weren't illegal?

Or are you saying wars for America and Israel are justified?

Or are you simply a monosyllabic idiot?

behind blue eyes said...

Ye gods FC, what an amazing critique of your article. Mind you it is the schools' summer holidays!

"The first casualty of war is truth."
--Rudyard Kipling

"Those who control the past control the future. Those who control the present control the past."
--George Orwell

Eisenhower was personally responsible for the mass murder of between 1 and 2 million German soldiers and 15 million German civilians at the end of WWII. Was he tried as a war criminal? No, his reward was Presidency of the US.

If you are a pensioner who is unable to pay the way above inflation Council Tax rise you will go to jail.

However, if your a member of an above the law Zionist cabal you are given carte blanche to do as you please. This includes breaking international law and entering into an illegal war which so far has cost the lives of dozens of servicemen and women, billions of pounds, up to 2 million Iraqis killed, millions more as refugees and the whole infrastructure of the country has been decimated. No to mention depleted uranium everywhere.

Has Tony Blair been tried for being a mass murdering charlatan? No, he's free as a bird to go on his million dollar plus lecturing tour and get lots of offers for his memoirs etc.

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