Wednesday, 23 July 2008

EU Membership Will Wreck Serbia

Serbia only has to find one more alleged war criminal and it can begin the process that will end in full EU membership.

Right: The Bosphorus Strait that splits Europe from Asia and the city that was once Constantinople, the jewel of the Eastern Roman Empire and a power base of Christianity throughout the East.

Just think! Then the Serbs can enjoy all the other benefits of EU membership, i.e. surrendering national powers to the Masons sat in Brussels and their unaccountable executive.

The Serb government (like so many others) doesn't care because they'll get hand-outs and sinecures by return as reward for their treachery.

And if Turkey eventually joins the EU then hundreds of years of opposition to the expansionism of the Ottoman Empire and the heroism of heroes from Austria & Hungary through to Croatia & Serbia will have meant nothing.

The fact that Turkey now mostly occupies the land of the Eastern Roman Empire across the Bosphorus (i.e. Greece won it's independence from Ottoman/Turkish occupation) with a mere toe-hold in Europe does not alter the fact that it is still Christian occupied land that was ethnically cleansed by the Turks.

Making them "part of Europe" is like inviting a squatter, burglar and rapist to Sunday lunch.

Of course (read FC magazine #35) the fact the Turkey has been run by a Asian Jewish-sect and has been secular-Masonic for years means that the EU et al are ever-so-keen to get the Turkish state within the EU, a handy tool to undermine our Christian faith (something the EU is always keen to do) and to further undermine our indigenous peoples via coloured immigration (ditto).

So if the Serb people think dishing up old Bosnian-Serb politicians and 'warlords' will bring them freedom... they'd better think again.

NATO once dropped bombs on Serbia. The EU will subtly destroy the country by more insidious means.

Serb badges from FC


behind blue eyes said...

The poor central and eastern European countries don't realise they have left one totalitarian block to join another. They have swapped Communism for Communism with a smile aka Socialism.

The Rothschilds and their agents have been hard at work in Serbia and Croatia especially. Check out the excellent article by Serb Dejan Lucic entitled THE ROTHSCHILD OCTOPUS at:-

Final Conflict said...

The only positive aspect is that the Serbs - like the Poles - might prove to be a voice for decency.

The Poles have voted in semi-decent governments on occasion and certainly are more clued up on abortion, homosexuality, Communism, Zionism etc.

By bringing Serbia into "the West" the forces of Judeo-Masonry may bite off more than they can chew.

Let's hope so anyway!

Justinian said...

Don't forget that two "Reichs" busted their heads in the small state of democratic Serbia in two World Wars. The new new- Third German Reich under the guise of EU, will meet its final folly again in Serbia. As many prophecies say" "there will be an Armageddon over a small country"! But God's justice will prevail, as Serbia is on His side!

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