Sunday, 27 July 2008

The "Only Show in Town" is No Excuse for Stalinist Boss

It's almost sad watching Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

Right: Rummy the greatest politician of all time. Why? Because he lied, filled his pockets and carried onto the bitter end better than any other. Still at least we have an antidote to that in the politician.... er, um, oh... never mind.

As his supporters realise he was too busy squandering and posing during the fat years, now they are looking around in disbelief as their party falls apart during the lean years.

Imagine a one-eyed megalomaniac who's been compared to Stalin busy twisting arms to ensure his position (for which he forced out the previous incumbent who'd put the party in the position to win) remains his.

"He's the only show in town" his acolytes and sycophants squeal whenever anyone mentions replacing him: and things must be really bad for anyone to defend their position with that non-argument. It's become clear that this is all about him and his position - not even the party he leads.

The cronies are circling and making statements to try and cover up financial mismanagement over the years, and in the background are all the many people he has annoyed over the years with his abrupt style and temper tantrums.

Yet to be confirmed rumours are that if the tyrant could, he would even change the rules so that he couldn't be ousted for another 4 years: but surely not even a megalomaniac, control freak and man as desperate for the trappings of power (and access to the purse strings) as he would do that without being exposed as a dictator in all but name.

As he's summered at the country retreat of a crony desperate to please the man who decides where the party spends its money, the rumour mill is rumbling on and on.

And so the cronies repeat: "the only show in town, the only show in town..." no matter how much ill-advised "tax" and spending, no matter how desperate the fund-raising machine becomes to fill the black holes created over expenses and party employees, no matter how dictatorial the boss looks, and no matter how uncomfortable with "centrist" policies the grass roots are.

Imagine being in a party as corrupt, degenerate and crooked as that!

None of his people even batted an eyelid as his party, ever desperate for favourable media coverage and dodgy backhanders, recently made some of the most pro-Israel/Zionist statements ever made by a party that was once known to be anti-Zionist.

Yes sir. Gordon Brown sure is the much vaunted One Eyed King in the Land of the Blind.

Makes you wonder how blind, thick-skinned and stupid his followers must be to accept what they are being spoon fed by a boss and his hirelings who are merely on the take, whilst the supporters are asked to fill the coffers.

Politics eh?

Thank God we have another political party that we can vote for that's different to the above... in... er...


Never mind. ;-)


Barry said...

Will Gordon Brown paint the plotters as "neo-nazis" and/or "communist agents" or is it only the truly mad Nick Griffin who can pull that stunt?

Purging the Cyclops said...

If Brown's top minder was involved in lurid swinging with same-sex shenanigans and awful obscene internet photos would he sack him? or like Nick Griffin would he make excuses and keep him in place?

And what would the UK Life League make of it all?

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