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Nationalist Flags at FC's Shop

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

David Miliband: Next PM and Neo Con?

So David Miliband is moving against Gordon Brown.

It's questionable that with another new leadership this would save Labour at the next election, but never underestimate the gullible nature of those who read The Sun and watch Eastbenders!

Well as the son of Marxist Jewish emigres from Europe who is now vaguely right-wing and gung ho for the 'special relationship' et al, it could be argued that here we have a classic Neo Con.

The million dollar question is this: Will the media swing behind Miliband?

Could a Neo Con Labour PM persuade the kingmaker Rupert Murdoch to back him?

One thing's for sure, someone with more charisma than Gordon Brown (not hard) and what could be perceived to be a clean pair of economic hands viz the debacle of emptying the cupboard during the boom years may at least limit the damage done to new labour at the next election.

If you were a Labour MP with a small margin, isn't it a gamble you'd be willing to take? After all you really have nothing to lose given the current situation.

In the meantime we'd be lumbered with a Neo Con PM without even the charade that is electioneering these days.

But with the masters that control our land hidden in the shadows - does it really matter to us who plays the role of head mannequin?

As a party stagnates and people look around for a better choice of leader, who knows what the incumbent will do as he lashes out in his death throws.

Let's hope things get bloody - not to mention bloody embarrassing!

Miliband moves against Brown

Pat Buchanan: America Faces Hitler's Revenge

A very interesting article based on Pat Buchanan's new book, Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.

Vdare on Pat Buchanan's latest book

BNP Red White & Blue (RWB) 2008

Here we see the new prize-giving at the BNP's RWB 2008.

Apparently a decent Kosher serving will only cost you 30 pieces of silver.

Sponsored by Silvers Accountants who will happily cook your books.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Arrogance of Israel: Arrests, Settlements & Cartoons

Hamas is warning Abbas and his Proto-Zionist authority that continued arrests of Hamas activists will not be tolerated.

Remember that Hamas is the legitimate government of the Palestinian territories, but America and Israel insisted that Abbas hold onto power because he was a supporter of Israel.

Now with Israel ignoring US attempts to halt further Israeli settlements, the arrogance of the Zionist State in wanting to have its cake and eat it (or as the Italians say, to be drunk with a full barrel) is obvious for all to see.

With all this going on, what do the Freemasonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith (aka ADL) complain about? Palestinian cartoons (like the one above right) lampooning the Israeli Lobby's leverage over both US Presidential Candidates.

Do the ADL really think the whole world doesn't realise that America is in Israel's back pocket? Or that they and their ilk were behind the "Danish" cartoons which many Zionists said should be widely viewed in the spirit of "freedom."

Hamas warn of New Intifada

Israel Ignores USA on Settlements

ADL Complains of Palestinian Cartoon

ADL Site Shows Various Cartoons

State Sponsored Terrorism

Imagine Arabs invaded our country and murdered and tortured us.

Would we celebrate their freeing us?

Or would we fight to avenge our dead kinsmen?

Torture Was Sanctioned

Monday, 28 July 2008

Freemasons Boast of their Power

An Irish supporter sent this in when confirming delivery of his order from last week [thanks C!].

In his own words:

It's a video showing the influence and organisation of Freemasonry, including world leaders who have been Freemasons. But what's really interesting is that this video is actually made by a Freemason. Even when they speak for themselves, they admit their sinister influence.

Now what other insidious group trying to run our affairs can we think of who continually boast of their connections, power and influence?

Thankfully it's still legal to talk openly about the Masons, with the others it's borderline.

Talking of which, does anyone notice the two people being lined up as possibles/probables to take over Labour from Gordon Brown?

Jack Straw and one of the Milliband brothers.

Now what religion do you think they belong to?

Put it this way - and just to show I'm not in the business of stirring up "hatred" here (just chewing the fat and discussing the issues) - imagine if the two main runners to take over were Muslim.

Ooh la la!

Imagine the uproar from the media and their spook-puppet columnists like Abramovitch, Littlejohn and Phillips! Imagine the uproar from the "most Zionist" BNP! Even the Tories and Liberals would bring into question our "western democratic ideals" and insure the candidates were pro-homosexual and pro-"womens rights" etc. etc., not to mention pro-Israel!

Yet here we have two candidates from a group known to usually be fervently pro-Israel and with the "right to return" to a country we might (yeah, I know, laugh it up) have to impose sanctions against or even go to war with (over, say, illegal WMDs...) and not a dickybird is uttered by any columnists or any political parties!

Coincidence? Bloody hell, many of them had kittens because a government minister was a member of a "hardline" Catholic group - remember that? She was made to state that her membership and beliefs wouldn't encroach on a government/system that's pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-feminist etc. etc.

Would the media dare treat Straw or Milliband in that way? They didn't when either of them became ministers.

Surely we should all expect a little 'equality' here: equality of treatment, equality of media reaction?

Still that's "democracy" for you!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Last Week's Quote: Justin Barrett on Taxation & National Debt

"The idea that excessive income tax is the result of the social welfare bill is so common that useful connections between classes for national purposes is now very near impossible. Never mind that over 70% of the income tax collected goes to pay just the interest on the National Debt to international bankers, who are, of course, very respectable people not at all like the "wasters on the dole"."

Justin Barrett,
The National Way Forward.

FC Poll Result on Crime Figures

Can Government Crime Figures be Trusted:

Yes: Crime is down
1 (4%)
No: Crime is under-reported
20 (90%)
I don't know
0 (0%)
I don't care
1 (4%)

The "Only Show in Town" is No Excuse for Stalinist Boss

It's almost sad watching Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

Right: Rummy the greatest politician of all time. Why? Because he lied, filled his pockets and carried onto the bitter end better than any other. Still at least we have an antidote to that in the politician.... er, um, oh... never mind.

As his supporters realise he was too busy squandering and posing during the fat years, now they are looking around in disbelief as their party falls apart during the lean years.

Imagine a one-eyed megalomaniac who's been compared to Stalin busy twisting arms to ensure his position (for which he forced out the previous incumbent who'd put the party in the position to win) remains his.

"He's the only show in town" his acolytes and sycophants squeal whenever anyone mentions replacing him: and things must be really bad for anyone to defend their position with that non-argument. It's become clear that this is all about him and his position - not even the party he leads.

The cronies are circling and making statements to try and cover up financial mismanagement over the years, and in the background are all the many people he has annoyed over the years with his abrupt style and temper tantrums.

Yet to be confirmed rumours are that if the tyrant could, he would even change the rules so that he couldn't be ousted for another 4 years: but surely not even a megalomaniac, control freak and man as desperate for the trappings of power (and access to the purse strings) as he would do that without being exposed as a dictator in all but name.

As he's summered at the country retreat of a crony desperate to please the man who decides where the party spends its money, the rumour mill is rumbling on and on.

And so the cronies repeat: "the only show in town, the only show in town..." no matter how much ill-advised "tax" and spending, no matter how desperate the fund-raising machine becomes to fill the black holes created over expenses and party employees, no matter how dictatorial the boss looks, and no matter how uncomfortable with "centrist" policies the grass roots are.

Imagine being in a party as corrupt, degenerate and crooked as that!

None of his people even batted an eyelid as his party, ever desperate for favourable media coverage and dodgy backhanders, recently made some of the most pro-Israel/Zionist statements ever made by a party that was once known to be anti-Zionist.

Yes sir. Gordon Brown sure is the much vaunted One Eyed King in the Land of the Blind.

Makes you wonder how blind, thick-skinned and stupid his followers must be to accept what they are being spoon fed by a boss and his hirelings who are merely on the take, whilst the supporters are asked to fill the coffers.

Politics eh?

Thank God we have another political party that we can vote for that's different to the above... in... er...


Never mind. ;-)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Are BNP Members Being Fleeced for £30K?

Is the BNP's latest money-raising scheme a scam?

The UK Life League know the BNP is not in reality Pro Life nor Christian, so if this isn't more spin from the media and overplaying of their hand by the BNP leadership one has to wonder why this marriage of convenience (civil partnership?) came about.

No doubt more of this will trickle out in the next few days.

What interesting times we live in.

BNP 'Truth Truck' £30K Scam?

Labour Battered in Glasgow East By-Election by SNP

Gordon Brown says he's on the side of hard-working families, after getting [another] bloody nose, this time at the hands of the socialist Scottish National Party in East Glasgow.

Right: The SNP logo. Labour is being hit from all sides as the (real) establishment jettisons Blair's 'third way' for whatever will replace it.

If Gordon is indeed the saviour of the working class, why the hell doesn't he reduce or even just cap the tax on petrol and diesel to allow people to travel to and for work without getting crucified by the exchequer?

Capping the tax isn't revolutionary - he'd still get more in tax revenue than he did this time last year.

The problem is that Gordon and the politicians don't want to set a precedent.

They so love putting up taxes (remember when VAT was 15%?) and rarely lower them.

They love filling their own coffers with billions so when they waste the occasional million here and there it doesn't really matter. After all, it's only a small percentage and it's someone else's money anyway.

I've told Gordon before how he can wipe out taxes and become a real saviour of the people, but he's in the pockets of the bankers like all the Masonic politicians.

if Gordon is on the side of the people then i'll wear a hat made of mash potato for a month!

Disaster in Glasgow for Labour

Final Conflict magazine: Fill Your Gaps today

Sad to say, but more and more back issues of FC mag are selling out.

Time was when we seemed to have plenty of stock of most issues going right back to the beginning... but as more people seek to read up on genuine nationalism and/or try to plug the gaps in their collections, so we've gradually whittled down our stocks.

As most magazine distributors will tell you, the vast majority of stock sells in the first few weeks of publication - with subscribers' issues going out alongside those taking bulk copies. So after that the remnant tend to sell slowly but surely.

For those of you who've just come across FC and like what you read, or for those of you who've actually got a couple of our mags and fancy grabbing a few more, now's the time to buy copies; because in the the very near future the 22 issues still available (out of 38) will be down to 15, then 10, then very few at all.

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FC mags. Cheaper to keep than family pets. More loving. And they don't poop in the yard quite so often ;-)

FC Back Issues

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Spooks Sting Max Mosley But He Wins Court Case

So Formula One boss Max Mosley has walked away from a media sting in which one of the 'call girls' has already been exposed (pardon Matron!) as a spook agent.

This further underlines the pathetic way that our security services waste their time and money - and engage in questionable not to say illegal activities - in order to "bring down" figures they deem, in some way, to be an enemy of the State.

I don't know why they targeted Max Mosley. Maybe it was because of his father, maybe it came down to money and power. Perhaps it was a mixture of both: or something else known only to Mosley and the spooks...

This whole scenario is very reminiscent of another "sex scandal" involving David Mellor. Again it involved the lowest of the gutter press (Sunday red-tops) and was a sordid sex n sleaze. If you remember it involved a prostitute (again!) and the aforementioned MP engaging in what some euphemistically call 'Ugandan discussions.'

The interesting bit about the Mellor affair was not the lascivious tittle tattle or the prurient details that many Eastenders-watching morons poured over; but involved David Mellor MP a little while before the story broke.

You see, dear reader, Mr. Mellor had the damned nerve to travel out to occupied Palestine as an official - as a minister in Her Majesty's government no less! - and chastise the Israelis for their treatment of the Palestinians.

At the time he said what many other politicians would fear to say (even to this day, even when Israel invaded Lebanon with horrendous loss of life, and Blair's regime dragged its feet!). His words were withering and brought into sharp focus the illegal and shameful activities of the Israeli invaders and occupiers.

He was a veritable "voice in the wilderness" of Biblical proportions!

...And the 'people that matter' had him marked from that point onwards. They were determined to bring him down with maximum fanfare and embarrassment. If they could have ruined him via financial misappropriation, they would have.

So what's to be learnt from all this?

People who get in the way of our Zionist masters and their political, financial or other power structures will be set-up by the spooks.

This is why those who seek to lead political, social or pressure-group opposition to the New World Order should be (ahem!) whiter than white.

This isn't some kind of infantile puritanism, though it could be argued that sound morals, as well as the ability to keep fingers out of tills, shouldn't be beyond the pale for anyone fighting the system.

The sad truth is that if anyone who wants to be (or who wants to be seen to be) making a stand needs to be free of sexual, financial and other scandals.

If they are not, the spooks will either (emotionally) blackmail them into toeing the line, or they will be exposed as 'hypocrites' and shamed into silence.

So whatever your thoughts on Max Mosley as an individual, as a big businessman and as a sexual deviant, today is a good day because the spooks and their pet media has been given a bit of a bloody nose.

BBC News on Mosley Court Victory
MI5 Involved in Mosley Sting

Two Easy Steps to Support Genuine Nationalism

Many people ask of ways that they can help FC so here are two very basic ones for two different types of people that are easy to do.

The first is for people who want to stay anonymous (for personal reasons - maybe they have a sensitive job).

Just send us some (UK!) first or second class stamps. This helps us do mail-outs to many more people, reach more nationalists and keep people on the periphery involved with what we are doing.

Just pop some stamps - whatever you can afford, whether a small book of them or a few hundred - into an envelope and send them to us. If it's a lot, use recorder delivery.

Our address is: Final Conflict, BCM Box 6358, Holborn, London, WC1N 3XX, England.

The second is for people who enjoy posting hither and thither on the net, whether under the same ID or under different IDs on different forums etc.

It's quite simple too, just add the FC site to your signature - perhaps stand alone, or mixed up with others - whatever.

With the proliferation of the internet and the growing popularity of forums, social networking etc. this is a great way to get new patriots to the FC site, where they in turn can read the pearls of wisdom (!) on this blog as an antidote to the liberal, Zionist and other claptrap masquerading as nationalism.

So there we go. Two simple ways to help FC.

You may think of some others, and that's great. But for a starter if you can help in either of the above ways you'll be helping us reach more patriots and nationalists, and that's the most important thing.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Joseph Stalin & Robert Mugabe: The Struggle is One!

Stalin is alive and well and living near King's Cross... or popping in to visit that locale at least!

Right: Stalin, whose opposition to bendy buses on the streets of London is well known.

For this Sunday, 27th of July, the Stalin Society is having a little soiree at The Lucas Arms at 245A Gray's Inn Road, just round the corner from King's Cross (post code WC1X 8QZ for those of you with a Sat Nav!)

It's hard to believe that the biggest mass murderer of the 20th Century -- even as accepted by liberals and Holocaustians -- is feted by a group of hard-line Communists who have taken his name for their grouplet.
One wonders if groups like Searchlies and the Anti Nazi League will turn up to protest for "democracy" (as they always claim is their aim) against these Stalinist twerps.

You might wonder why the Stalin Society is meeting. To swap photos of mass burials perhaps? Or to study transcripts of kangaroo courts?

No, these are Stalinists at the cutting edge! Not for them the ruminating over the Fourth International, or studies into ice-picks and their usage in political assassination.

They are gathering next Sunday at 2pm to hear talks on and discuss "Another imperialist attempt at regime change" in... Zimbabwe!

Perhaps they see similarities between Stalin and Mugabe - who wouldn't! - and admittedly many people are concerned when the New World Order tries to oust a government, but they should remember that Mugabe started off as the non-Marxist choice of the "western democracies" (as many say Fidel Castro was too) who has simply had his hand in the till for too long and grown fat from years at the helm filling his pockets and getting rid of potential opponents (remind you of anyone else close to home?).

Left: They may link to Fox News and other Zionist stooges, but this slogan is most apt!

Besides which the irony of anyone worshiping at the altar of Stalin and denouncing imperialism must mean they are either acutely dumb or having the biggest laugh at the expense of millions of Ukrainians, Poles, Hungarians, Balts etc. etc.

Still I daresay all this will be made apparent at the Stalin Society's shindig, so pop by for a chat. Ice picks are optional!


Orthodox Church Codemns Stalin Nostalgia

The Stalin Society! (See - I'm not joking)

EU Membership Will Wreck Serbia

Serbia only has to find one more alleged war criminal and it can begin the process that will end in full EU membership.

Right: The Bosphorus Strait that splits Europe from Asia and the city that was once Constantinople, the jewel of the Eastern Roman Empire and a power base of Christianity throughout the East.

Just think! Then the Serbs can enjoy all the other benefits of EU membership, i.e. surrendering national powers to the Masons sat in Brussels and their unaccountable executive.

The Serb government (like so many others) doesn't care because they'll get hand-outs and sinecures by return as reward for their treachery.

And if Turkey eventually joins the EU then hundreds of years of opposition to the expansionism of the Ottoman Empire and the heroism of heroes from Austria & Hungary through to Croatia & Serbia will have meant nothing.

The fact that Turkey now mostly occupies the land of the Eastern Roman Empire across the Bosphorus (i.e. Greece won it's independence from Ottoman/Turkish occupation) with a mere toe-hold in Europe does not alter the fact that it is still Christian occupied land that was ethnically cleansed by the Turks.

Making them "part of Europe" is like inviting a squatter, burglar and rapist to Sunday lunch.

Of course (read FC magazine #35) the fact the Turkey has been run by a Asian Jewish-sect and has been secular-Masonic for years means that the EU et al are ever-so-keen to get the Turkish state within the EU, a handy tool to undermine our Christian faith (something the EU is always keen to do) and to further undermine our indigenous peoples via coloured immigration (ditto).

So if the Serb people think dishing up old Bosnian-Serb politicians and 'warlords' will bring them freedom... they'd better think again.

NATO once dropped bombs on Serbia. The EU will subtly destroy the country by more insidious means.

Serb badges from FC

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

War Criminal Arrested! False Identity Exposed!



No excuses. No cover-ups.

I was as shocked as the next man to hear that an international war criminal - OK, "alleged" - has been arrested.

There was joy on the streets where his many victims once walked, though some of his supporters "back home" made brave noises about him doing what he did in their defence - a ridiculous statement devoid of mature argument and steeped in jingoism and party political loyalty.

As I understand it the man with the blood on his hands has undergone some radical changes and taken on a new persona. Some who came into contact with him even said he appeared quiet, educated and even "religious" in his outlook: a far cry from his days overseeing some of the worst war crimes seen since the rape of Berlin in 1945.

There is a fear that the mass murderer will claim ignorance, that he was only following orders from another capital city, or that his soldiers carried out illegal acts whilst he remained ignorant.

Yes it seems that the man most of the world loathed for his terrible crimes against civilians walked amongst many unsuspecting people as a so-called "Middle East Peace Envoy" but today, under arrest, Tony Blair at last faces justice for the tens of thousands murdered on his orders.

If only...

Monday, 21 July 2008

Which Shysters are Stealing Your Tax Pounds?

They say 'life imitates art' and so it is, quite often, in politics.

Right: Who takes more of your tax pounds? Incapacity benefit recipients? Or usury bankers?

This weekend just gone a quote from Irish patriot Justin Barrett was put on this blog. You can read it for yourself.

In the media today we had various government ministers and spokesmen bragging about how they are going to nail long-term unemployed who are claiming for disability reasons.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I have no truck with spongers who live off the dole. Unlike most politicians and certainly all party leaders, I have lived near and known such people all my life. From school colleagues who got "knocked-up" to gain a council house, entering "unknown" under the father's details on the birth certificate - when everyone knew who the father was, to neighbours and others living nearby who have lived off the dole and belong to families who get everything via state handouts.

However, let's also be clear - as per Mr. Barrett's quote from his excellent book - to target the genuinely disabled is a soft target from a government under fire.

If the government faced down the banksters and usurers they would gain billions, if not trillions. The National Debt drains our country, it saps money, taxes, earnings and more. It keeps our 'leaders' in thrall to international financiers whose greed and whims can take any state to the brink of destitution.

So by all means crack down on cheats and dole bums. But please don't have us believe that those people are the biggest criminals.

The real criminals are in Wall Street, the City of London and other financial centres.

But our government is too craven, too bought and paid for, and too treacherous to ever turn the tables on the real shysters, the real cheats: the latter day Wizard of Oz con men and their tawdry fiddling and spinning behind the curtains.

Let's see the government "get tough" with them!

In a world where war criminals are feted if they side with the New World Order we probably shouldn't hold our breath.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Who Needs Ebay When You have FC?

With many people complaining that ebay doesn't allow anything remotely nationalist (whilst allowing memorabilia from the mass-murdering Communists and even having homosexual sections!) we thought it was time to counter-balance this.

Right: Rarer than hens' teeth? It must be the FC Collectors Items & Rarities section

So pop by the FC Online Shop to see our Collectors Items & Rarities section - which we'll be adding to over the coming days and weeks with more rare mags, posters, CDs, badges -- and lots more.

So feel free to check it regularly because once an item is bought - it's gone!

Rare items currently in the FC shop include a very rare Codreanu set of stamps with 1940 Legionary Government franks, and an Hungarian nationalist armband from the 1990s.

Last Week's Quote: G.K. Chesterton on Slavery

"By the 14th Century... No laws had been passed against slavery; no dogmas even had condemned it by definition; no war had been waged against it, no new race or ruling caste had repudiated it; but it was gone... Like everything else in the mediaeval revolution, from its cathedrals to its ballads, it was anonymous as it was enormous. It is admitted that the conscious and active emancipators everywhere were the parish priests and the religious brotherhoods; but no name among them has survived and no man of them has reaped his reward in this world. Countless Clarksons and innumerable Wilberforces, without political machinery or public fame, worked at death-beds and confessionals in all the villages of Europe; and the vast system of slavery vanished."

G. K. Chesterton,
A Short History of England, 1917.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Nationalists forced to Seek US Political Asylum

The following 'film' contains some earthy Anglo-Saxon language, so anyone likely to be offended, please don't play it.

It's a sad day when two men - whether you or I agree with anything or everything they wrote - can be taken to court and tried like this.

It speaks volumes that a court case in which two high profile alleged racial nationalists made "slurs" against Islam the defendants walk free.

In this court case the two defendants made "slurs" against Judaism and were found guilty.

The former case received ample press and TV coverage throughout.

The latter case had a virtual blanket "ban" only being 'picked up' by small local newspapers.

Of course I would like to state there is no "Jewish Conspiracy" - and the above examples show that in technicolour.

Now altogether:

They fought and died for our freedoms...
They fought and died for our freedoms...
They fought and died for our freedoms...
Four legs good two legs bad...
Four legs good two legs bad...
Four legs good two legs bad...

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Masons Planned the UN in 1942!

I found a great Allied propaganda poster from WW2.

It seems that even back in 1942 our Masonic masters were planning the "united Nations", based in their power-base New York of course! Why else is the Masonic 'Statue of Liberty' included - unless to give a subliminal message the the war is being fought for Masonic ideals and for a Masonic UN?

The series of flags kind of reminds me of Rumsfeld's "coalition of the willing" - for who can forget Mexico and Honduras's huge role in "fighting fascism."

But seriously how ironic was it that Poland was listed along with the USSR, when the USSR occupied half of Poland in 1939, and all of it in 1944/45?

Some kind of Freedom as evidenced at Katyn Forest!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Thank God For Christian Heckler!

Thank God for the brave soul (pictured right) who stood up to the Anglican "Bishop" Gene Robinson, the practicing homosexual, in London yesterday.

As he called Robinson a heretic, the assembled liberals, homo's and God-knows-only-what slow hand-clapped him.

It speaks volumes about the state of the Anglican church that a man who defends the Bible is jeered by a motley crew of liberals who have gathered to hear what a degenerate homosexual has to 'teach' them.

This "touchy feely" liberal claptrap where anything goes is the reason why churches in England are emptying.

Militant Homosexuals are getting their "rights" and overturning centuries of Christian values and family-centred society; Militant Islam is being built into a bogeyman and motivates their people with its stance against degenerates; Militant Zionism is dragging the world to the edge of WW3 and controlling the media, government and more.

And where are the Christians? Well they tend to be so liberal, weak and limp-wristed that our faith becomes another non-offensive "choice" in a pic-n-mix of all manner of claptrap and nonsense, bending over backwards (pardon the pun) to appease all manner of degenerate scumbags and atheist socialist government ministers.

As the long-haired gent shouted down the sodomite as he preached at St Mary's Church in Putney, South-West London, I couldn't help think of Christ overturning the tables of the money-changers.

You see, there comes a time when actions speak louder than words.

As it was the man was escorted from the church (no, sadly not the faggot Bishop!) to ride off on his motorbike.

It seems we have a modern-day hero riding to the defence of all things good! "The man with no name" lives on, and the baddies better run for cover, eh compadre?

Biker Heckles Homosexual Bishop
"Gandalf" Calls Anglicans "Homophobic"

Female Bishops and More: 1000 Vicars to Become Catholic

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Berlin 1945: Criminals & Heroes, Tragedy & Lessons

I have just finished reading Anthony Beevor's book Berlin The Downfall 1945 and what strikes you more than anything is not only the heroism of the troops who knew everything was finished (especially the Charlemagne volunteers trapped in Berlin), but the sheer horror of the German women in East Prussia, Silesia, Berlin etc. who faced mass rape by hordes of Soviet soldiers.

What has this got to do with the above clip?

Well far from liberating the Ukraine, sad to say the German authorities (under Koch) treated the Ukrainians terribly and what would have been a huge volunteer army possibly of millions never materialised.

Patriot Ukrainians even turned from fighting the Soviets to fighting the Germans, only to fight the Soviets again right through to the 1950s.

Far from realising a huge crusade against atheistic Communism and its commissars and uniting Europe against a Bolshevik terror-machine, those like Koch ensured the destruction of a regime which let down those clamouring for freedom from Communism.

Beevor makes a few interesting points when it comes to the Reds, whom folk like Searchlight and Anti Fascist Action would have us believe delivered Europeans from the "chains of nazism."

  • The Soviets could not have shipped the men and material necessary for their huge assault against the Seelow Heights and Berlin were it not for the Studebakers and other equipment given to the Soviets by the Americans.
  • The German Communists who hid their membership cards from the Gestapo greeted the Red Army as liberators. This did not stop the Soviet troops from raping the Communist women and trashing the homes of Communists.
  • Whilst Soviet troops raped their way through Poland and Germany (yes even Polish women weren't safe) the Asian areas of the USSR suffered such starvation, locals even turned to cannibalism.
  • Poles were treated badly by the Soviets as Stalin did not trust them and the Patriot Army which fought the Germans were treated as saboteurs by the Communists.
  • Whilst the Americans gave the Soviets all the details of their intentions, the Soviets told the Western Powers nothing aside from disinformation, and to appease the Reds the Americans and British armies were deliberately held at the Elbe when they could have taken Berlin (and saved millions of women from rape).

The main issue is surely the fate of Poland and here is my suggestion for students to ask their teachers:

  1. We declared war on 'Nazi Germany' because they invaded Poland on Sept 1st 1939. Why didn't we declare war on Soviet Russia when they invaded Poland on Sept 17th 1939?
  2. Why did we go to war to free Poland in 1939 only to see Poles delivered to invasion, slavery, puppet government etc. in 1945? With the evidence of Katyn Forest and Poles shipped to Siberia from 1944 onwards isn't the idea that the war was all about Poland is surely laughable?
Food for thought.

FC T-Shirts - Check for Charlemagne and Anti-Communist Designs

Last Week's Quote: JRR Tolkien on Financiers

"The true equation is 'democracy' = government by world financiers...The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or what is most important of all, the banker of the backer. Enthroned above all, in a manner without parallel in all past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic, and delivering oracles in a language not understanded [sic] of the people."

J.R.R. Tolkien,
Candour Magazine, 13 July 1956, p. 12

(Thanks to FC Blog reader 'behind blue eyes').

Makes you wonder if Sauron was mant to be the ultimate financier!!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Fascist Flag Now Available!

For all you old school fascists out there, we have a treat for you!

Yes this scrumptious flag is now available in the FC Online Shop!


Why not grab one before they sell out?

What a great way to annoy politically correct visitors! Just imagine any wannabe Zionist or pretend anarchist's face on seeing this beauty. ;-)

Whilst you're at it, check out our range of Celtic Cross, Viking and Militaria flags too. Fill yer boots!

FC: Spreading a little happiness!

Fascist Black Flag

Slavery & White Guilt: Concocted PC Nonsense

I found a great quote yesterday from GK Chesterton about slavery in England.

Right: White slaves. Airbrushed from history lessons.

I shall endeavour to type it up as the Quote of the Week though it's slightly longer than our usual offerings.

It got me to thinking. Of course many of you will know of Michael Hoffman's great book 'They Were White and They Were Slaves' which sought to debunk much of the myth surrounding "White Guilt" re. slavery.

A friend of mine went to a Nation of Islam bookshop in London a few years back. Remember them? Farrakhan and Co were once the apple of Nick Griffin's eye. How times change!

Anyway, in the bookshop he found an interesting book on slavery (the title escapes me) which detailed the lead role of "the 13th Tribe" in slavery of coloureds to the Americas.

All these threads, coupled with the fact that most slavery in Europe was abolished thanks to an army of those who stood up for the Common Good (more on that in GKC's quote...) and that in Medieval and post-Medieval Europe most slavery was the result of Moorish/Turkish pirates taking slaves from the European coast (even as far as Britain and Ireland) and we have the basis of an interesting study that could educate our younger generations.

Of course we could also ask if slaves picking cotton can also be compared to our own people forced into slave-like conditions, even the very young, earning barely enough for food and rent: the former usually over-charged and shoddy quality, the latter at the whim of hideous landlords which crammed families into rooms and cellars in hovels and slums.

White Guilt is a misnomer. It's like blaming a housing estate in Durham for profiteering from the British Empire's wars in India or the Opium Trade running out of China.

We have nothing to be guilty for, unless it was refusing to rise up against the Capitalist overlords.

Capitalist Guilt - now there's an oxymoron. Can you imagine any of the City of London bonus-grabbing, cocaine-snorting, Porsche-driving wide boys feeling guilty? I mean ever?

As long as it makes a profit say the slave-masters, the bankers, the speculators and the financiers. Anything else comes a distant second.

Hoffman debunks Amazing Grace film on White slavery

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Boom & Bust, Crime & Statistics: Cause & Effect?

We often hear that things are cyclic.

The classic of course is the "boom and bust" of Capitalist economics.

Right: The financiers are the cowboys of this Wild West ghost town, aka UK plc.

It may not surprise you to read that I subscribe to the ideals and arguments of the Distributists, and therefore it is my understanding that much of this "boom and bust" is down to debt and the over-reliance of usury and building up 'debt bubbles' in order for bankers and big businessmen to amass ever greater profits year on year.

It's not a subject I've ever looked into, and I'm sure a better educated FC reader will set me right on this, but before the advent of Capitalism at (let's be generous) the Industrial Revolution (though some might argue it goes back to the land enclosures and even the land-grab of the reformation) were there "boom and busts?"

I recall reading somewhere that England was inflation free for 800 years, i.e. a penny was worth a penny was worth a penny for generations.

Can anyone over the age of 30 believe that - with £10 not stretching as far as it used to. Certainly anyone over the age of 60 could tell you what £10 used to be worth.

But I digress. Let's get back to the cycles we face (no Mr Cameron, not the ones going the wrong way up one way streets in London!).

Those of us who question the (media) accepted theory (it is just that!) of global warming often hear from 'sceptics' about cycles of warming and cooling (including the famous Medieval Warm Period).

Some even say that the "holocaust" is yet another in a long line of horror stories concocted by a certain kind of people to forward their agenda. An obvious historical comparison can be drawn with the Spanish Inquisition which was painted as the holocaust of its day (mostly via printing presses in Holland owned by certain people) on purely concocted horror stories and the equivalent of penny dreadful novels.

I'm sure we can all think of other examples.

I had a friend in the 80s (I'll mention no names to spare his blushes) who took to wearing flared trousers as was the trend of a particular time: despite the shock waves still rebounding from the 1970s! No matter what horrors this "credit crunch" or recession bring, nothing can compare to the sheer terror of those flares!

Left: Not quite the flares in question, but you can still sense the fear they induced!

Now you may wonder what all this is about. Yes, I know, I'm getting to the point!

I have spotted a new cyclic event that I think has missed most people. It has happened on and off for the last 20 or so years, give or take a few, and it is so patently obvious that when I thought about it, it struck me that the media not only covers it up, but actively partakes in its continued occurrence.

Like so many of these cyclic events (Usury-created bust, global warming, holocaust-style horror stories, etc.) these are akin to the Emperors New Clothes with a veil of cowardice descending over the mass of the population - and certainly over the professional classes who fear to speak out in case they face media approbation and lose their jobs.

I have noticed this before, but it was thrown into stark contrast this very week after a series of scandalous events which "shocked" the population (via the media) and which were followed by a 'shocking' report which caused great unease to many, especially the professional classes (again, via the media).

You don't have to have a great memory to recall the events of the last few days and weeks with the various stabbings and murders on the streets of England, and more specifically London. These were reported in the same way that the plethora of shootings and gun-related murders just a year or so before, again in "inner city" areas of our most multi-cultural cities.

So what is it that makes these terrible cluster of events so cyclic? What (if you'll pardon the analogy) are the 'busts' to these awful 'booms?'

Well it goes something like this:

  • 1. Street crime is out of control, centred around mugging/drugs/guns/knives [please delete as appropriate].
  • 2. People are shocked and horrified and the many victims provide the "excuse" needed to allow (!) the police to patrol the areas involved.
  • 3. The police try and prevent these crimes by searching potential criminals.
  • 4. Figures are released to show that most of those searched are non-White.
  • 5. Politicians and pressure groups are shocked and horrified and the many "victims" (of police procedures) provide the "excuse" needed to stop the police patrolling the areas involved.
  • 6. Go back to Point 1.

Am I the only one to spot the ridiculous nature of this cycle?

And as I leave that thought with you I will ask you just one more question. If the powers-that-be are allowed to give us the racial statistics for stop-and-search why won't they release the racial statistics for street crimes, especially in London?

Is one more acceptable to politicians and the media than the other?

What are they afraid of?

French Identity Rock: In Memoriam 'Assassins'

For my money one of the best songs to come out of France, about the French people given death sentences by politically correct politicians who ensured they were given AIDS infected blood transfusions.

It's a shame the last 30 seconds or so are missing from this - but something's better than nothing!

In Memoriam 'Persona Non Grata' CD from the FC Shop

And a track from the above (linked) Persona Non Grata CD:

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Harrington Backs Coloured Candidate that Beats the BNP

Why should Harrington's "NLP" back a coloured black independent candidate in Dagenham - who then goes on to beat the BNP candidate?

Right: This gent isn't the candidate in question, but is he picking the substance that the NLP took in order to back a non-European in a Dagenham by-election?

The article below is written, we believe, by an ex-BNP official who is seeking to expose the creeping liberalisation of the BNP as well as the out-and-out cronyism of the "most Zionist" party.

FC readers will remember that the BNP leader backed the leader of Third Way/NLP, one Patrick Harrington, over his own BNP officials and activists in the Solidarity debacle.

It's interesting to know that this backing is paid back in kind by supporting a non-White candidate standing against the BNP!

Has the BNP leadership annoyed another (ex) ally?

With friends like these...

Black independent candidate gets Harrington's backing

Guide to Nick Griffin's BNP

Oh what naughty FC reader sent this into us?

Tsk tsk. Such infantile behaviour should not be encouraged: ask the man who published the cartoons mocking John Tyndall as Fozzie Bear in Nationalism Today!

Monday, 7 July 2008

FC Poll Result on Freemasons in Nationalism

Should Freemasons be Allowed to Join the Nationalist Movement?

3 (9%)
27 (84%)
1 (3%)
I don't know.
0 (0%)
I don't care
1 (3%)

A pretty clear result. Readers' comments welcome.

Last Week's Quote: Hilaire Belloc on Song

"...all men sing at their labour, or would so sing did not dead convention forbid them. You will say there are exceptions, as lawyers, usurers, and others; but there are no exceptions to this rule where all the man is working and is working well, and is producing and is not ashamed."

Hilaire Belloc,
On Song (essay).
On Everything (1909).

This is a theme that Belloc and both AK Chesterton and GK Chesterton returned to, the best example of which is GKC's poem The New Unhappy Lords (taken as a book title by AKC) in which he denounces the elites that "know no songs."

It has been an attack on the English especially which has ripped away their traditions and left them 'songless' - as the band Show of Hands make clear in their excellent song Roots (in our video selection).

Sunday, 6 July 2008

London's Gay Boris - It's a Freemasonic System Stoopid!

Politics gets ever more homogenised as the years tick by.

Right: parliament was always a club for the monied classes. Whereas the votes and MPs used to be bought and sold via bribery and Rotten Boroughs, they are now bought and sold via media coercion and party hierarchies.

We live under a dictatorship. It is a Judeo-Masonic dictatorship with the misnomer "democracy."

Democracy was recognised as a dictatorship by Freemasonry decades ago by Leon Degrelle and his contemporaries.
Our people were shoved off the land by the greedy and powerful as they sought to enclose more land and become more wealthy.

As they died early in slums or turned to alcohol for escapism, the ruling class ruled via Rotten Boroughs and the Party System.

Since then little has changed.

The Party System has maintained the status quo, lurching to the left here, moving to the right there.

Up to the 1980s there was at least some semblance of "choice" - albeit heavily controlled, mostly through the mass media which was always under the control of handful of mega-rich media barons almost all of them Zionists and Freemasons to a man.

And so we reach today.

We are now at a time when the Party System and media control is almost total. The public has been so corralled into certain ways of thinking, that it is almost unthinkable for the system to allow any of its pet parties, for example, to oppose the "right" of Israel to exist, to oppose the "rights" of homosexuals, to oppose race-mixing and multi-culturalism, or to oppose the large scale murder of innocents that is abortion.

We can all think of examples where the political parties have become craven cowards in these regards.

  • Failure to act against inner city crime.
  • Failure to act against Israel's murderous and illegal invasion[s] of Lebanon.
  • Failure to curb the vested interests of "advisory services" who profit from abortions.

Yet few are as craven as the way all the parties have bent the knee to the militant homosexual lobby.

  • Which party will dare to call for the law outlawing homosexuality to be re-introduced?
  • Which party will dare to state that adoption by homosexuals runs contrary to all accepted norms and undermines true families?
  • Which party will dare to expose "civil partnerships" as a travesty and stepping to stone to full "homosexual marriage?"
  • Which party will dare to say that homosexual activity in our public parks and toilets needs to be stamped out?

Even the anti-establishment parties are so imbued with the ideals of "human rights" and "democracy" that their opposition to homosexuality is muted, as is their opposition to Israel, abortion, Capitalism etc. etc.

Left: The campaigning "Gay Boris" is nothing new. What politician will ever make a stand against this pc madness? Will any put what is right before what is acceptable?

So don't be surprised when you see yet another politician taking part in some "Gay Rights" gathering. It's what they do!

It's as natural to them as ordering Ireland to vote twice on the same matter is to the Eurocrats.

Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of the New World Order!

Now that's democracy for you!

Tories Send Greetings to "Gay Pride" Event

Lefties State "Gay Boris" is a Hypocrite

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Great Italian Nationalist Folk Rock: Lady U$A by Hobbit

This song has long been one of my favourites and, despite being in Italian, you cannot help but be moved by the superb musicianship and catch the sadness of what America has become.

This message is enhanced by this video.

For anyone interested this song is on the SWORD & CROSS cassette tape, along with other Nationalist anthems from across Europe & America.

In The Voice of St George #32 you can read a review of a London concert involving Nationalist musicians from Scotland, England, Spain, Italy and Germany - including two members of Hobbit.

Sword & Cross Tape

The Voice of St George #32

News Reader Responds to Israeli Lies

After the Israeli strike it was proven that no "Hezbollah rockets" had been fired from the area of this building in Cana.

Jim Corr Says 911 Was an Inside Job

Jim Corr is the ugly one from The Corrs (joke - he's the only bloke).

Listen to him on Irish radio (see "videos" on our side bar) as he bashes the New World Order, the Illuminati, the CFR, the European Union, 911, Capitalism-Communism, the (US) Patriot Act and much more!

Mrs FC always had CDs by The Corrs.
I shall be listening to them anew!

July 4th - the American 'Independence Day' - has just gone.

Personally I think America and the rest of us need to fight a new war of independence against the masonic "elite" who want to enslave us all.

Whatever happened to nations deciding their own destinies? Why are are we being dragged kicking and screaming into the EU etc. (despite numerous "no" votes)? Whatever happened to America's non-interventionism?

At the moment our soldiers are being sent to die for Israel and High Finance. At the moment we are just starting to lose our freedoms.

Let's not let it get any worse!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Lord Phillips & Sharia Law: A False Flag Operation?

I feel a bit grubby today. I had to scrub my hands and have a jolly good wash before I started work.

Right: Populist "anti-Jihadi" material can be amusing... but is often used to whip up people to defend 'liberal democracy' whilst people opposing (for example) homosexuality and Judaism are at best portrayed as "extremists" and even possibly get a knock on the door from the political police.

Yes, I have a confession to make to you. I.... no, I can't write this. It's just not right!

OK. Steady now. Fight back the tears. Chest out, chin up. Right. Here we go.

I bought a copy of the Daily Express!


It's true! Oh the shame! Oh the ignominy!

I can feel my invitations to polite society functions drying up as I type this.

I had to ask the (White!!!) newsagent for a plain brown paper bag to put it in before I left the shop for fear of being spotted down the high street with such nefarious reading material.

So what possessed me to swallow my pride and go to the counter red-faced eager to pass over the 40p, get the paper in a bag and scuttle out of the shop as quickly as possible?

I scanned the headlines for news on the issue that the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, had said Shariah Law could be justified in the UK.

No doubt the Daily Mail would cover it best - perhaps with input from the Lilliputians Melanie Phillips or Richard Littlejohn. Yet it was sold out, so I had to plump for Richard 'Dirty' Desmond's offering. Desmond publishes the Express in which he tries to mimic the moral outrage of the middle classes, yet he also owns quite a few TV porno channels (the magazine Private Eye regularly entertains its readers by juxtaposing Express moralising with titles from Desmond's porn offerings).

What did my perusal of the Express teach me? Little more than I expected, various Neo Cons, Tories and similar were screeching. A Tory MP hurrumphed "This is totally unacceptable."


So why is it OK then for Jewish autonomous courts to oversee problems in Jewish families (this is exactly what Lord Phillips was suggesting re. Muslim families) and not for Muslims?

Do we have a double standard when it comes to dealing with Jews and Muslims?

This Talmudic law set-up is already in practice and recognised by the courts. Even the arch-Zionist and whitewasher of Israeli crimes (no, not Lee Barnes!) Melanie Phillips had to recognise this basic fact a few months back on the BBC's Question Time programme.

When she had to admit to the existence of these Jewish courts, and recognition of them by the UK law courts, it took the wind right out of Ms. Phillips's sails. Oh you could see she was longing to launch into a tirade against Islam and "Islamic extremists." But how could she do that without allowing others to launch into tirades against Judaism and "Jewish extremists," such as herself!

But there's more dear reader! (Oh yeah - I'm not finished yet...)

Did you know there's an officially recognised Jewish area in London? Oh yes!

There is an area of London which has a wire going around it on poles. I don't know who paid for this, who maintains it, but I suspect it had government and planning approval. This means that within this area Jews can travel about and do other things (I don't know Jewish Talmudist rules and their anally retentive "laws") on their Sabbath (Saturday).

The idea that we are starting down the road of handing over England to a foreign, invading, offensive and anti-Christian religion is false!

Talmudic Judaism (which is all of the above) is already well and truly encroaching on the judicial and governmental (not to say financial and entertainment) spheres of this land.

But there's more!

There is a state funded school in North London that blocks admissions from people outside a certain racial group. Even more, it even blocks admissions from families that aren't exactly of the racial type they want.

Where is this hotbed of discrimination and racial prejudice?

The JFS, formerly the Jewish Free School, recently refused a place to an 11-year-old boy whose mother had converted to Judaism (though I understand the father is Jewish).

Here's a quote from a linked article below:

Dinah Rose, QC, representing [the child], said that the school would accept a child of Jewish-born “committed atheists” but exclude others who are “Jewish by belief and practice” because of their mother's descent.

That, my friends is racism no matter how the courts whitewash it by comparing it to Muslim or Christian schools.

if I convert to Islam or any Christian denomination I would get into one of their schools (indeed it's well known that Christian and Muslim schools welcome those from outside their religions - though few if any choose to go to Muslim ones. Catholic schools, on the other hand, accept a wide range of children whose parents want to get them in to schools which perform well).

If a Muslim or Jew converted to Anglicanism or Catholicism do you think it would be lawful for a CofE or RC School to block them because they were born otherwise? Even if the rest of the family were CofE or RC?

Yet a Jewish school can block children on racial (not religious!) grounds and the courts find an excuse for them??? It's crazy!

So as you travel through cyberspace in the next few hours or days and witness the Neo Con, Zionist and Tory denunciations of Lord Phillips and Shariah Law, wonder why these same people have stayed quiet over the system's acceptance of Jewish religious law, Jewish racism and an official Jewish zone in our capital city.

Or is "Islamophobia" more acceptable than "anti-Semitism?" Out of interest, I have little brief for either term.

Left: Islamic Nazis from Bosnia. These are the kind of images that Neo-Cons love to use as it brings all the bogeymen together!

There was a time when Christian laws forbade usury. There was even a time, not so long ago (and some say it still is on the statute books), when Christian law forbade blasphemy and promotion of foul language. There was certainly a time when Christian law ensured the correct line was taken on homosexuality and abortion.

Yet in today's humanist, relativist society those times have passed. Rights for everyone in the wrong, including criminals, is all the rage.

We face a battle in which humanism wants to integrate certain aspects of Muslim, Jewish and yes even Christian laws - but all in a very low-level way so as to enshrine some kind of "multi-culti" inclusiveness. At the same time the defendants of the humanist system are seeking to treat the three main religions in distinctly different ways:

1. Christianity. The humanists show little but disdain of the religion of the land. They seek to use human rights legislation, especially but not exclusively on homosexuality, to attack the Church and traditional morals.

2. Judaism. The system gives every encouragement to this religion, allowing it to operate as a law within a law, with its own structures, courts, security groups etc. There is also explicit support from a media which paints any form of criticism as hatred: a position it does not take on either Christianity or Islam. The recent ruling on the JFS (see link below) is an example of "one law for them..."

3. Islam. The system wishes to integrate some minor elements of Islam so that it can be seen to be "inclusive," ironically more for racial than religious reasons. However, the Neo-Con nature of the political and media sections of the establishment means that Islam itself (especially as it takes a more robust line on homosexuality, Judaism etc.) is painted as the main threat to our society - as opposed to the forces who are controlling or undermining the structures of the land.

For nationalists, the choice is clear. We can oppose growing humanism in our lands (including liberalisation of moral laws and partial acceptance of Judaism and Islam) or we can join humanist forces in opposing the Islamist bogeyman.

For nationalists who take a traditional stance, the former choice is obvious. It means defending our traditions and being aware of our enemies from all angles. It won't be easy and we will be painted as "extremists" for opposing the humanist agenda of all the major parties.

For nationalists who want scraps from the top table, who want nice media coverage and who want to fight on the agenda of the Neo Cons, then defending the status quo is the option - and a Pim Fortuyn style of attacking Islam by defending "western liberal democracy" becomes the 'populist' way.

My gut instinct is that the whole Sharia Law episode is what some label a "false flag" operation, designed to whip up hysteria whilst providing a smoke screen for increased liberalism and the Jewish courts already accepted by our justice system.

As some coloured gents in America once said: don't believe the hype.

Jewish State School Cleared of Race Hate

Lebensraum Hits India

Yum yum.

Care for some Berlin-Burgers and Fuhrer-Fries? Followed by a healthy slice of Dictator Dessert?

If you're ever in Bombay (trying to get to speak to someone from British Gas or Thames Water maybe) pop into the Hitler's Cross cafe.

Apparently the swazi's and posters of Hitler are quite a pull.

It's funny, because outside of Europe and away from any sizable Jewish community - these things rapidly become just another marketing ploy devoid of nauseous war propaganda and sentimentality.

Though the Jews of Bombay are said to be livid. In fact I think the tag line of the eatery should be:

...but the local Rabbi's furious!

Your suggestions for food a Hitler Cafeteria might sell. appreciated!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ray Lewis Deputy Mayor of London in trouble?

Interesting to hear that the black deputy mayor of London - chosen to target youth crime/problems (are they hinting that most trouble in London is from black youths?) - was embroiled in financial skulduggery back in the 90s when he walked away with tens of thousands of pounds lent to him by a parishioner.

Above Right: Boris Johnson (left!) and Ray Lewis. A new mayor - yet the talk of financial shenanigans continues.

This may be old news dredged up by a Labour Party still reeling from big inroads by the Tories, but it's embarrassing nonetheless.

Ray Lewis is still on the CofE's "Lambeth List" which means he cannot work for the Anglican Church in any public role.

At a time when events in Zimbabwe are making headlines, when the role of Nigerian gangs in financial (and internet) scams is well known, and especially in the shadow of horrendous social problems in London because of immigrant/coloured youths that are out of control, the fact that this coloured deputy mayor is in trouble is incredible.

Labour had their own shenanigans involving coloureds and money, especially with huge volumes supposed to be going to coloured businesses being pocketed by (coloured) Labour Party cronies.

Now the Tories are being seen in the same light.

When will these people ever learn?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Life Under an Autocratic Regime: Election Canceled amid Threats & Expulsions

There is a repressive "country". A man who has held power for so long that those opposing him accuse him of all manner of corruption, nepotism, cronyism and downright thievery.

The GDP of the country is claimed to be the best-ever and yet the (red sea pedestrian!) bean counters claim it to be solvent by the skin of its teeth and could "go under" at any time (labeling it "insolvent").

A few brave souls have rallied in opposition to the financial crimes, sexual crimes and infractions against Natural Justice of a corrupt and embittered leadership.

These people have faced intimidation, slander, attacks on their property and use of state forces.

The opponents of the ruling clique are dismissed as cranks, nazis, communists and the lowest of the low - despite the opposition's claims to simply want openness, democracy, financial transparency etc.

In the latest twist, there was such pressure exerted to ensure "loyalty," so many threats and even banishment from the land of any who were likely to support the 'opposition' that the leading candidate looking to stand in an election against the incumbent was forced to quit the election race, in scenes which outsiders have said are ridiculous and show that any claims to "democracy" are a farce.

The official, ruling-body controlled media of this land make little mention of this, only very occasionally to besmirch opponents as the agents of external powers.

Of course glowing references to the Dear Leader appear throughout the official media (in every possible place), as do hand-picked sycophantic purple prose by selected followers of the regime. Alternative views and criticism of the leader-for-life (or until he proposes a leader-in-waiting like some Machiavellian sinecure or some 18th century Rotten Borough) are simply not permitted in a media whose total control would make Beria blush with shame.

This may be life in Zimbabwe... but it's also life in the BNP.

No Freedom.
Mixed Identity.
What Security?
Joke Democracy.

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