Thursday, 29 October 2009

Anglicans Sick of Liberalism Looking to Rome

News that a meeting of 600 Anglicans (representing many more) met to discuss moving back to the 'Church of Rome' should be welcomed.

Right: Edward the Confessor. Arguably the last Saxon King of England, a good Catholic King beloved by his people, whose piety gave him his nomenclature. The Saxons of England were an especially devout people whose Catholicism was as English as it was deeply rooted; they were nonetheless still a fiercely warrior-like people who also believed in the freedoms of the people.

Whatever we have been conditioned to think of the Catholic Church since Elizabethan and Cromwellian times, we should remember that historically the English were more Catholic than even their continental counterparts.

When the Normans invaded [1066 and all that] they found that the Saxons of England celebrated the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary*. This wasn't made a dogma of the Church for another 900 years and so the Normans suppressed it. But isn't that fascinating to know that England - often called Mary's Dowry because of the English peoples' known piety to the Mother of God - was in that sense even more Catholic than the Normans, who built so many of the breathtaking stone churches and cathedrals that still stand in so many English and Welsh cities, towns and villages.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that as an institution made up of human beings the Catholic Church is very far from being perfect. If it were perfect Jerusalem would have been Christian for the last thousand years. In more recent years it has taken up political correctness as have many others. Anti-racism in its communistic guile is there as well as many other "right on" causes.

But it is also clear to many that the Catholic Church, even in its 1960s/70s rush to "modernity" and "relevance" -- with beardy clerics wearing "call me Ted" badges -- has been a bulwark against so much that is wrong in the world.

Just imagine if the Church weren't infiltrated by Masons and the faith of the early 20th Century, with the social teaching that was embraced by movements as diverse as the Falangists, the Rexists, the Fascists etc. in a huge tidal wave that swept Europe. were still a voice for the voiceless.

One thinks of the great Cardinal Newman, himself a convert from Anglicanism, who worked with and stood up for the dock workers in East London. Or of course 'our own' G.K.Chesterton, also a convert, who embraced the social teaching of the church.

It would be almost impossible to think of nationalism today without the great influence of G.K. Chersterton. Similarly, it would be impossible to think of the rise of the myriad of anti-Communist and anti-Capitalist movements in the 30s of Europe without the great Papal encyclical of 1931, Quadragesimo Anno. Without the input of the church we would still have "nationalism" as a state-centred imperialist, reactionary, antagonistic movement with Spaniards versus the French, versus the English, versus the Germans etc. ad nauseum.

It was the Catholic Church that injected the patriotic movements of Europe with the much needed social aspect of their cause, just as it is the Catholic Church which today pushes for the belief that every soul is created in the image of God, thus to oppose a social conscience as much as to oppose a pro-life stance is simply wrong.

Nationalism owes much to the Catholic Church. To think otherwise is prejudice and to ignore the simple facts. Every single nationalist grouping (happy to acknowledge any who haven't) in England, of every type/shade, has acknowledged the huge debt owed by nationalism in the 21st Century to Chesterton and the Distributists.

So the move by many "traditionalist" Anglicans back towards Rome should, I believe, be welcomed because it acknowledges that the home of true Anglicans is in reality in the Catholic Church. The Saxons are returning to their mother Church.

Of course many will point at great wrongs in the Catholic Church, just as they did at the time of Luther, not least the terrible scandal of a tiny minority of evil paedophile priests and the cover-up organised by terrible bishops concerned more for their reputation and their station in life than their flock and their duty. One thinks immediately of America.

The same is as true today as at the time of Luther. The church does need reforming; because weak, venal, position-grabbing careerists are putting their own ideologies or betterment before Christianity.

But you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (you don't destroy the good structure to rid a few bad practices). The corrupt parts of the Catholic Church needed a kick up the breeches in the 16th Century, and eventually the Church organised the Council of Trent which codified much, organised the education of priests etc. etc.

The same is needed today. A return to the days when homosexuality was an outright sin** (and homosexuals banned from seminaries) must be sought for the sake of the Church, for the converts, for society and for the sanity of a Europe entering a Masonic EU controlled phase of history (with the "rights" of homosexuality enshrined in their Masonic laws).

The last Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster -- the man who scandalously took the war criminal Tony Blair into the Catholic Church without a public recantation of his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual regime/views and his role in an illegal, unjust war -- springs to mind as a typical cleric of higher office who needs ostracising/educating.

So the situation (as ever throughout history) is never straightforward.

In the bigger picture we should welcome an invigorated, English, Traditional, parish-based Catholicism. It would see many local parishes, with their traditional strong Norman and Saxon altars return to the Mass (remember that the founder of the Church of England, Henry VIII, believed in the sanctity of the Mass, of transubstantiation and of the sacraments of the church) as it was in England for hundreds of years (and in Wales for a thousand plus years). It will also remind people that Christianity was, is and always will be intrinsically for the family and against all the liberalising, politically correct trends.

It will also remind everyone, from Nick Griffin to Nick Cohen, from Gordon Brown to Elton John, that to be English is to be Christian, and that isn't a 500 year old thing or born of Cromwell, but that it goes back to the Saxon "Dark Ages," to the Roman Empire and to the days we remember when we sing "did those feet in ancient times, walk upon England's mountains green".

The influx of people who question liberalism in religion may even help the Catholic Church clear out its own stables. After all a Church (as with any structure) which is seen as hypocritical in any way, and especially in matters such as the innocence of the children (better someone never have been born than to harm one of my little ones, to paraphrase Christ), cannot sincerely offer any answers to a hypocritical society and system.

The fact that the Catholic Church has retained, despite the efforts of internal and external Masons, homosexuals, humanists etc. some semblance of its age-old stance and belief-system has meant that the Anglicans who have been betrayed by a touchy-feely church with its vomit-inducing "anything goes" services, trendy vicars, homosexual-tolerant, morally ambivalent have somewhere to turn to, which will bring about a unity of Faith long sought for for 500 years.

Those who would have had the Catholic Church give up its ancient practices, structure, papacy, liturgy, dogmas etc. in totalis would have left an emaciated Anglican-like church which would have left nowhere for distraught Anglicans to turn to!

Not all is fine and dandy in the Catholic Church, but at least it is still standing firm on matters of morality in the public domain, despite its pitiful failings in a few tragic (but nonetheless devastating) cases. How much stronger would be its case for reunion with Rome if it kept its house spotlessly clean and kept a strong, determined line on defrocking degenerate priests and insisting on each one being immediately (albeit fairly) tried for their crimes?

You cannot disassociate public policy from private behaviour: by their fruits shall ye know them.

Therein lies the lesson for us all: especially for the nationalist movement.


*Read William the Conqueror by Hilaire Belloc.
**Indeed, traditionally in the Catholic Church homosexuality is one of 'the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.' Surely it is difficult to find a more dreadful form of sin! The full list is:

  • The voluntary murder (Genesis 4:10)
  • The sin of impurity against nature - sodomy (Genesis 18:20)
  • Taking advantage of the poor (Exodus 2:23)
  • Defrauding the workingman of his wages (James 5:4)


Anonymous said...

So why did these Catholics embrace Protestantism, because of the greed of the Catholic Church.

Anglicans will take back control of Anglicanism without somehow running to Rome (unless they have paedophilic tendencies). Did not the RC suffer similar with Vat. II and 'turn things round' somewhat with Ratzinger?

Anonymous said...

There were wrongs in the pre-Reformation church, but they needed reforming: not replacing.

Didn't the Lurtherans recently bring back confession?

Even Henry VIII backed the sacraments.

Anglicanism is a non-church, neither Catholic nor Protestant. just state worship.

Anonymous said...

that's why the RC church should have rooted out the paedos. cos now everytime some fag, jew or 57 variety liberal wants to bash the church they just repeat paedo paedo paedo.

most of those paedos were liberal-red infiltrators.

clean out the pervs and the degenerates will only be able to call the church fascist again.

happy days.

Anonymous said...

Henry VIII was never excommunicated and was Catholic to the end of his days.

So long as Catholic priests abstain from sexual liaisons (of the natural/normal kind!) they will forever be synonymous with child molestation, if there is the will there is the way to rid the Church of paedos but, alas, as is the current state of play, the Vat. does not express a desire to punish the miscreants and degenerates.

Final Conflict said...

Priests were celibate before the Reformation and this was seen as the norm.

read Cobbett's History of the Protestant Reformation [and he was a protestant] to understand why priests shouldn't be married.

A married clergy leads to conflict of interest, materialism etc.

Ridding the seminaries of the effeminate poofs and taking a proper line on homosexuality [which mirrors the actualité with public stance] is the answer. along with handing over any paedos for open and fair court cases [UK, USA etc.].

Restoring the Catholic Church to a Catholic position will allow the anti-liberals in the CofE to find a home away from the modern-mush that is the [to quote Quentin Letts, himself CofE] happy crappy Anglicanism.

As Henry VIII started his church to get a divorce, with that ancient history time is right for traditional Anglicans to move back to Rome and help make the Christian Church a real bulwark against liberalism, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Good Queen Bess!

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, you obviously do not know your history. The Church of England is not PROTESTANT! It is a seperate church (C of E)and its development had nothing really to do with the reformation. Some would like to claim it did, but read the 7 articles of faith written and accepted by the church and the King after Jane Seymour died.

Henry the 8th was a Roman Catholic in his heart and in his beliefs right until his last breath. (Do some research) The Church of England developed in England because of Thomas Cranmer. He hated Catholicism. If Henry had got rid o Cranmer, we would not be discussing this now. Cranmer tried his hardest to destroy England's Catholicism but he did not succeed!

Many are praying for unity now! I'm sure Catherine and her daughter Mary are smiling now.

It is clear that the Anglican leadership now under his Lordship Rowan Williams want Rome to guide. They (Anglicans and Orthodox) have fully recognized the Pope as the:"FIRST AMONG EQUALS"


Rufus said...

The return of the Anglicans to rome is indeed most welcome. Catholicism is the only protection against the Talmud worshippers who have infested our oonce Christian lands. Maybe with an influx of traditional Catholics, the tide can be turned and the Vatican II heretics turned out of the Church. One can but hope. great article.

Anonymous said...

Most Anglicans (practicing and otherwise) THINK they are protestant.

Since Liz 1 they have been a protestant Church, but more than anything they were turned into a pro-State anti-Catholic religion.

Interestingly Liz 1 swore to be a Catholic monarch at her coronation.

She then did the Jews' bidding by helping to split Europe; when Spain and its territories should have been focusing on beating the Turks...

Anonymous said...

"Henry the 8th was a Roman Catholic in his heart and in his beliefs right until his last breath. (Do some research) The Church of England developed in England because of Thomas Cranmer. He hated Catholicism."

Indeed, but it was a sect/heresy which quickly became Protestant.

To claim it isn't Protestant today (where are the sacraments - which Anglicans truly believe in transubstantiation?) because it's founder simply wanted an English-Catholic church is simplistic in the extreme.

The Protestants gave all power to the king [effectively setting up a dictator with no controls] then later used that set-up to justify further "reformation" under the kike-lover Cromwell.

INRI said...

I was just watching a rector on television saying that CoE IS a protestant church. I should think he KNOWS what he is talking about.

Whilst a beautiful, at one time, church and creed, today it is just another leftist mockery.

The story of the RC is very interesting this is from LOOK magazine, an American publication of the time.
The swine MALACHI MARTIN was the go-between for the AJC and the Vatican. They STOLE the Church.
How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking
By Joseph Roddy, Look Senior Editor.
LOOK Magazine, January 25, 1966, Volume 30, No. 2.

As Mel's dad put it:
Hutton Gibson, NYT Magazine, March 9, 2003:
“…[the Second Vatican Council was] a Masonic plot backed by the Jews."

When good men like Bishop Williamson are made to recant, to meekly rescind their TRUE STATEMENTS then it is a dark time indeed, and supporters of Williamson also cowered in their fear.
John 7:13 John 19:38 John 20:19

Anonymous said...

The Archbishop behind the implimentation of Vatican 2 left his briefcase on a train and when found it was full of Masonic documents.

The Church between the Council of Trent and Vatican 2 was probably the best, albeit still made up of frail humans, which is the Masons declared all out war on it.

Anonymous said...

The Church of England is of course a PROTESTANT Church.

By the way, if you happen to have a coin in your pocket have you ever wondered what the 'FD' with our Soveriegns profile means? Bet you don't you mug.

God Bless Good Queen Bess!

(There are some in this world who have a feeling of self-importance which they deem absolves them of acting like retards)

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that means Defender of the Faith, as bestowed upon Henry VIII by the Pope for his denunciation of Protestantism and his defence of the Papacy and the Sacraments.

What a moron to think anyone WOULDN'T know that.

It is widely believed that defence was mostly written by St Thomas More but clearly had Henry's blessing.

That is why Anglicans should return to Rome you muppet.

Their "church" was set up to gain one man a divorce!!!

So he could "marry" a woman he later decried as a witch and whose child - Elizabeth - he stated was a bastard.

Furthermore, how can St Thomas More be a Saint recognised by the Anglicans when his very Martyrdom was concerned with defending the position of the English Church within the universal Church?

Time to work out what Anglicans want to be - Catholic or Protestant.

p.s. Elizabeth I's advisor John Dee was a Satanist.

Glasgow Patriot said...

I see the pagan Griffin was wearing a Cross lapel badge ouside parliament.

what a hypocrite

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