Sunday, 4 October 2009

Zionists, Gays and Blacks in the BNP! So is it Nationalist?

These were posted on an anti-Griffin Blog (Griffin Watch) in their comments section.

All of this is from 'the horses mouth' i.e. direct from BNP sources happy to espouse such material in the media, so they cannot claim it is spin... unless they want to accuse themselves of lying!?!?!

AnonymousWorrying times.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to this from babbling elected BNP buffoon Richard Barnbrook, it was broadcasted on Wednesday on BBC London Radio's The Late Show with Big George, drag the purple bar onto 1hour 28 minutes into the show and hear Griffin's idiot tell the world : "Happily invite Muslims to join the party.... welcomed to be members.....Blacks, Muslim & Asians can join the BNP in two months......constitution about to change......No problems with Gays...... Caribbean sister-in-law can join the BNP, she's a great cook." Big George said he was delighted that Barnbrook could join the show! You have heard it now from the horses mouth!!!!

02 October 2009 10:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This video was made and financed by the European Union, near the end 7 minutes into film the reporter states: "It's clear though that Griffin's aim is to clean up his party," he continues : "The new image will take time to develop..... in the mean time Griffin wants to convince Center Right colleagues in the E.U parliament that his own extremist background was adolescent folly." Griffin says at the very end : "Men tend to mellow as they grow older, so I'm a very mellow person."

02 October 2009 12:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffin on the BBC's radio Newsbeat programme on Wednesday, listen to this : "We now have nearly 14,000 members." What a lie! : "We've changed to mainstream...we've changed and evolved." The interviewer asks: "Can Blacks join your party?" Griffin answers : "Not at the moment.... Blacks and Sikhs vote for us"

02 October 2009 12:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incidentally Griffin starts speaking 5 minutes and 30 seconds into the BBC Radio Newsbeat programme.


Anonymous said...

Barnbrook is your typical alholic liability on borrowed time, his drunken rantings merely line him up for ousting.

Anonymous said...

Will NG gets his dream come true: Blacks in and Barnbrook out?

Anonymous said...

So what is the answer. What is the alternative? Perhaps something around a reformed 'England First' idea.

The BNP, if what you say is true, is dead.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that nationalism here has been ravaged by the state: clowns and idiots multiply, the decent are forced out.

People flocked to the ultra-violent C18 just as they flock to the ultra-liberal bnp.


"success" is everything, even when it is proven that the former were drug-pushing, money-grubbing petty hoodlums and the latter are deviant, degenerate, money-grubbing crony/nepotist gangsters.

The "new BNP" will do to nationalists what "New Labour" did to Socialists: SHAFT THEM.

East London BNP said...

C18 was state, trying to terrorize nationalists.

Anonymous said...

The CUNTs pro-Griffin group tried to terrorise nationalists too.

Black Bloc Nationalist said...

yep - they use classic C18 tactics, and are just as dodgy with druggies at the top. NG was hapy to co-operate with C18 until they fell out. This new zieg-heiling druggy dross will remain useful idiots until they become an embarrassment to the Jew-friendly modern BNP.

Anonymous said...

The BNP [ amongst all the scare stories of the CIA's ghost-enemy Al Qaeda ] is now asking directly for Jewish support and money.

The betrayal is almost complete.

Just a visit to Yad Vashem to make the BNP 100% kosher.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is a political party and as it becomes a part of the political system it becomes infected with all the degenerate modes of democratic thought. It is really a surprise that a politcal party, built on compromise, and trading ideals for short term popularity is retreating into the establishment? White revolution means exactly that, the overthrow of the existing corrupt order. To become part of the system is to become part of the problem. The BNP will eventually fizzle out because their appeal will only register with those trying to patch up the old system. The radical will desert them.

Anonymous said...

The BNP's appeal on its website for Jewish money speaks volumes.

Jewish money goes in.

They support israel.

Silvers [their Masonic accountants] whitewash their accounts.


Anonymous said...

griifin has always been after money, from his abortive insurance plan, through to the way he creams money from people through the various bnp organizations. the bnp website is littered with 'donate' banners, its like seeing a tv evangelists site. griffin will be only too happy to take money from the zionists. until they join 'his' party in sufficient numbers to vote him out of existance. hopefully all this will lead to the death of the bnp and the birth of a real patriotic movement.

Anonymous said...

Yes: but we don't have the time to watch it die.

Just like the c18 days [whose leadership were meeting with Gable] this all designed so we all fiddle while Rome burns.

gri££ Nickin fills his pockets, whilst multi-cult GB goes down the pan.

who's going to stop it?

The gay, zionist, mixed-race BNP?

it's just a Griffin franchise now. You can be part of it to if you'll give NG 10% of whatever you make. Even the branch bank accounts get grabbed by NG.

Anonymous said...

Whenever a group gets moving there are umpteen numbers who are quick to jump on the 'their State' argument, invariably these numbers are the politically impotent, one-man-and-his-dog outfits/misfits and have a totally wrong image of their own worth.

The C18 concept was/is the correct one, unfortunately it was compromised eventually by weak elements who became State stooges and got too involved with a bunch of 'musicians' with the B&H group which if anyone wants to point the finger at anyone 'being State' how about these 'warriors of the White Race' yeah right, lead the way muggy bonehead....

Anonymous said...

c18 was state from the start geezer. their leadership was state and took over b and h to make hundreds of grand in cds.

ian stuart was killed and then c18 took over.

no acident mate

Anonymous said...

The actual C18 militant wasn't State, unfortunately the 'leaderless resistance' and cell-structure wasn't entirely taken on board.

Also too many losers and guttersnipes latched on, such is the nature of such groups.

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