Sunday, 4 October 2009

The EU is a Bullying Rapist - and Ireland it's Violated Victim

Ireland has been bullied and browbeaten into voting "yes" for the Lisbon Treaty.

Right: Darth Mandelson even manages to get his "I'm a Little Teapot" routine all wrong. Another failed politician, ex-Communist, pooftah and unelected Eurocrat - now ensconced in the House of Lords from where he runs numerous government departments to the detriment of all. He is just the kind of Zionist and Rothschild acolyte that will be toasting the outcome of the Irish vote (version 1.2) and is just the sort of person who will benefit from it.

Let's put aside all the politics and the fact that EU accounts haven't been signed-off by the auditors for YEARS, and the fact that MEPs don't even control the output of laws from the unelected dictatorship that is the EU commission.

Now that Ireland has voted yes, can we safely assume that it will be asked to vote again next year? To give it a chance to vote no?

If Ireland had voted yes a year ago -- would there have just been another vote to give them the opportunity to vote no?

Obviously not... and that tells us all we need to know about the EU. It is like a playground bully which refuses to let anyone stand up to it, which threatens and cajoles to get its own way.

Furthermore it also takes a hefty wedge of every child's [nation's!] dinner money to waste and fritter away as it sees fit.

Worse than that I think one of the most apt slogans of the campaign puts it even more succinctly: NO MEANS NO.

This used to be, and probably still is, an anti-rape slogan.

So the EU bully is not simply a bully, it is a bullying, threatening, bribing, brain-washing, rapist bully that simply won't take no for an answer!

so many countries have voted against the EU's machinations (we in the UK haven't been deigned worthy of such a popular plebiscite given that we live in an elected oligarchy of Masons, lawyers and party apparatchiks kept in place by a Masonic media) but the rapist bully still plies its trade, leaving the peoples and nations of Europe laying prostrate in its wake.

Still, at least we can (assuming the rapist bully has its was with the Czech Republic and anyone else who dares speak up) look forward to Tony Blair the War Criminal (who the Daily Mail claims has earned £12 Million in the two years since he left office) or some other system stooge getting yet another cosy sinecure as EU President, being put up in luxury and chauffeured around at our expense.

As we, the Irish and every nation-state (imperfect though many are) lose more and more powers to the EU behemoth, with its unelected commission, its askew accounts and its bottomless pit of corruption, nepotism and its charming SISO (sign in and sod off)system that allows MEPs like Glenys Kinnock to milk the system, we are powerless to stop a system that is rigged to help create another step on the road to World Government.

After all, what chance has anyone got against a bullying rapist who won't take no for an answer?

As with all rapists, the only answer is capital punishment, and the righteous dispatch of the EU and its quasi-communist apparatus is the only outcome that will give all of us our ancient freedoms.


Craig said...

Ireland has bought a "pig in a poke" by fearfully accepting the lies of the establishment with its easy money and influence in the media classes that tell the "plebs" what to think. Contrary to what Barroso or Taoiseach Cowen might say, this is not a good day for Ireland nor indeed for Europe. And we can now look forward to the prospect of Tony Blair as President of the EU.

CP said...

I'd just like to thank Cóir for an excellent campaign in opposing the Treaty.

They deserve credit for a fantastic campaign.
A word of thanks to every Irish person who voted 'NO'.

Final Conflict said...

Hear Hear

Anonymous said...

I could have bet my life that a Yes vote would be the outcome.
Reds and liberals will of course refuse to see the blatant hypocricy of calling nationalists anti-democratic when Ireland will never have another chance to vote now they have voted yes.
The EU dictatorship gets bigger and bigger.

Anonymous said...

Here's confirmation for those who hold the misconception that Sinn Fein/IRA fight for Eire, THEY DON'T AND NEVER HAVE! They are working to the same Marxist agenda as their fellow-travellers across the globe who seek the subjucation of the people to the rule of the One-Worlders (they are also Irish/Gaelic imperialists also).

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