Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Miliband: Hamas Criminals -but Israel ALLEGED Criminals

On Panorama, Friday 16th August, David Miliband (for it was he) said that the UK government must look into the "problems of Gaza" and that they would deal with the issues of 'Hamas crimes and alleged Israeli crimes' [my italics].

He says he's not being mealy mouthed, yet someone who publicly casts doubt on Israel's war crimes yet states the Hamas actions were criminal without the blink of an eye, is spiting in the face of the independent UN enquiry.

Anyone who wonders about the impartiality of our government needs to think again.

Our soldiers are being sent into war by Zionists who take no action at all about Israeli war crimes and illegally held Israeli nuclear weapons.

If a Muslim country held illegal nukes and was involved in large scale war crimes against its occupied territories or neighbours do you think America/Britain would defend that nation at the UN?

Think again.


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