Sunday, 18 October 2009

Labour & Tories Ape Saint Obama in Offering No Change

The Tories would have us believe they offer "change."

Then again, New (New?) Labour would have us believe that they also offer change, after 12 years of financial mismanagement by Gordon 'sell the UK's gold reserves at rock bottom prices' Brown.

Right: David Cameron on a pilgrimage that every "Western" leader has to do before he is accepted for any form of power. No, not to his local Masonic Lodge (that's a given anyway). The Holohoax Brainwash Centre is a must-do for anyone wanting to be acceptable the media, an essential step for politicians of any shade.

So what are we to believe?

A growing number of people, especially the relatives of those needlessly sacrificed on the altar of Neo-Con/Zionist War, are very angry with New Labour and its ex-leader (and the next European President?), the war criminal Tony Blair.

The war in Afghanistan is deeply unpopular too, and the growing number of Union Flag draped coffins coming into RAF bases is a testament to another failed Zionist adventure.

Oh government ministers and their shadow ministers are busy telling us that the Taliban threaten our national security. Needless to add the Taliban have never attacked the UK, nor hurt a single British soldier until we invaded their homeland.

These are the same Taliban that we and the Americans helped arm to fight off the totalitarian Soviet invaders (who also installed a puppet president, Babrak Karmal, to follow the policies of Moscow, just as the common crook and conman, Hamid Karzai, was installed by the Americans).

At least the Soviets didn't have the chutzpah to organise an election which their candidate fiddled to appear popular and have a "democratic mandate."

According to the website infoplease, this is a brief synopsis of the Afghan-Soviet War:

The Soviet invasion, which sparked Afghan resistance, initially involved an estimated 30,000 troops, a force that ultimately grew to 100,000. The mujahidin were supported by aid from the United States, China, and Saudi Arabia, channeled through Pakistan, and from Iran. Although the USSR had superior weapons and complete air control, the rebels successfully eluded them. The conflict largely settled into a stalemate, with Soviet and government forces controlling the urban areas, and the Afghan guerrillas operating fairly freely in mountainous rural regions. As the war progressed, the rebels improved their organization and tactics and began using imported and captured weapons, including U.S. antiaircraft missiles, to neutralize the technological advantages of the USSR.

So we can see that the Soviets flooded Afghanistan to get a "stalemate" in which the Taliban/Mujaheddin were simply left in their own regions/areas, still able to mount attacks and eventually to fight back.
Left: Gordon Brown wears a yarmulke and lays a wreath (paid for by UK taxpayers - we should be told!) at Yad Vashem like all "Western" political leaders before him. Has he laid a wreath to the Armenian victims of Turkish genocide? Or the Ukrainian 33 million victims of Communism? Or the Gaza civilians murdered by Israeli War Criminals... which his government had a chance to vote against and condemn this week at the UN, but chose to abstain in a cowardly and typically fence-sitting fashion.

Now in 2009, the American "solution" to the problem of their war (for we should never forget that this is an American/Neo Con war, which they bullied NATO states into), is to flood Afghanistan with 45,000 extra US troops.

How very Soviet!

Luckily the man doing this has just won a Nobel Peace prize. Yes. 45,000 gun-totin', shoot first and ask questions later, American troops are about to invade a sovereign state under the orders of Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner after 10 months in office, having not won a single piece of peace, though still incompetently waging a Zionist War.

But then Saint Obama offered us "change" too didn't he? Change we could believe in --no less.

So what 'change we can believe in' do the "Modern Conservatives" --Mod Cons-- and New (New?) Labour --NNL-- offer us in the shadow of their Party Conferences at which the flag of change was waved like a pair of dirty underpants half way up a broomstick?

Right: Are visiting Israeli dignitaries made to kneel at the altar of St Paul's Cathedral in London or at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York to offer homage to Jesus Christ? So why do all world leaders have to don a kippur and pray at the Wailing Wall? Since rejecting Christ the Jewish religion -- Phariseeism mixed with Black Magic Kabbalah -- is an anti-Christian worship of the Jewish Race. By humbling themselves at this and other Jewish "holy sites" (Yad Vashem etc.) our political leaders are making their loyalties known.

The two parties are now gung-ho behind Obama's efforts to swamp Afghanistan with more moving targets, sorry, i mean British soldiers.

The government (NNL) announced its plan for 500 extra soldiers ahead of Obama, under the condition of extra US, NATO and Afghan troops. This was Blairite spin at its best. Gordon Brown already knew damn well that the Americans and Afghans had planned/agreed to put more troops in, and you can bet the NATO allies had received threats, bribes, and various cajoling phone calls and visits.

So in reality here we were again.

The "change" offered by Brown and Co. was more coat-trailing the Americans, more involvement in Zionist wars -- in effect no change at all!

The Tories (ModCons) followed like rats through a rotten floorboard saying they agreed with the Zionist war, agreed with Saint Obama, and agreed with plunging more young men from poor socio-economic backgrounds (sorry, I mean British soldiers) into a powder keg situation.

Left: Despite offering "change we can believe in" Obama remains resolutely tied-in with the Israeli War Criminals with their illegal nuclear weapons, protecting them at UN votes like every single American President before him.

On Wednesday, Pa Broon (Gordon Brown) spent 4 minutes reading out the names of the 37 dead soldiers that had been sacrificed on the altar of International Zionism in Afghanistan in the 3 months since Parliament had broken up.

How many were relatives of MPs? In fact how many of the over 200 troops that have died in Afghanistan were relatives of MPs? Or do they simply believe in sending others' sons and daughters off to fight on their behalf?

Pa Broon cries a good crocodile tear, just like Tony Blair before him.

The Tories are now trying to out bid Pa Broon's NNL by saying they would be happy to put even more troops into the heady cauldron of Vietnam... er sorry, I mean Afghanistan.

Change we can believe in!

With extra troops flooding Afghanistan, who can sense the Zionists chomping at the bit for a war with Iran?

Pa Broon hasn't even had the guts to challenge the banking system - dragging the UK to the brink of (some would argue actually into) bankruptcy, not even banning the quasi-nationalised banks from giving mega-bonuses to the fat cats.

He won't even use the excuse of the vast national debt to stop the meaningless and needless US-Zionist wars which cost us multi-billions every single year. Far better to hack into local schools, hospitals, libraries and other budgets eh Pa Broon ya wee gobbie bampot shite?

In the week when Israel (the holder, don't forget, of the only illegal nuclear weapons which they refuse to let international inspectors in to inspect) was found guilty of atrocious war crimes against civilians and stuck two fingers up to the UN (with the help of America!), we can be sure that they will try and ratchet up the anti-Iranian rhetoric threatening to drag us all into another needless Zionist war.

If America decides to strike against Iran, you can bet the NNL/ModCon government of the day will follow like a turd down a Victorian sewer.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, so the saying goes.

The sad thing is that despite all the speeches and promises, despite being offered change umpteen times, nothing in and of itself has changed at all!

The Zionist stranglehold on Washington DC is obvious. The subservience of Westminster to Washington DC is obvious. The ongoing nature of the Neo Con project is obvious. The political, military and financial bankruptcy of "the West" is obvious. The war criminal nature of Israel is obvious.

Change? We can believe in?

Don't make me laugh.


Richard Chadfield said...

Good article. I agree entirely
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Anyone who partakes in Parliamentary Democracy is guilty of TREASON!

The question which those who have a little intellect within our nationalist ranks ought to concern themselves with, is what is a viable and workable alternative.

We must be on guard against those who 'preach' armed revolution, of course we must arm our people but only to defend ourselves and our new system from tyranny but as things stand we have neither.

Rufus said...

Well said. When will the liberalised faux Christians realise that they have been duped into worshipping at the altar of Talmudism? Judaeo-Christianity is anti-Christianity. To join the two together is like joining water with oil, or more appropriately, evil with good. The result is the obliteration of any Christian tenet of value - which is of course the entire idea.

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