Sunday, 18 October 2009

Homosexual Degenerate Stephen Gately is not a Saint

In Dublin yesterday a priest at a funeral said that the martyrs would be waiting to welcome Stephen into paradise.

Stephen was Stephen Gately of Boyzone.

Right: A degenerate homosexual whose role in pop music promoted the deathstyle to countless impressionable teenagers. He should have been denied a Church funeral.

He was a practicing homosexual whose "partner" Andrew Cowles (mislabeled "Husband" by a compliant media) was present at the funeral.

On the night of his death he had been at a homosexual night club and media reports stated that he and his homosexual "partner" had taken a man back to their home.

And the Dublin priest all but canonised this degenerate homosexual?

What a sad, pathetic bloody joke!

We wonder why people are turning away from the Church and why pews are emptying?

With this false, liberal, wishy washy "charity" which makes degenerate homosexuals, who push their lifestyle on teenagers as an acceptable "lifestyle," into instant-Saints can we wonder that a Church with no soul is abandoned?

Is this what 2000 years of Christian civilisation has descended to?

Certainly with homosexuals (inc "Frankfurt School communists) flooding the seminaries since the 50s and 60s, the Church has been delivered to the enemies of Christ.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Gately the Gay was buried with mushy peas in his coffin, nothing beats a plate of faggotts and peas....yummy!

Rufus said...

It is a sad day for Roman Catholicism and for Ireland when an unashamed homosexual hedonist is lauded as an example to youth. Gately should have been refused a Christian burial - it is an affront to the good people who have passed on before him that the soil in which they rest is contaminated with the corpse of this idol of anti-Christian laissez faire liberalism.

The despicable anti-Pope, Ratzinger, as the architect of Vatican II, has turned the religion of Christ into a Judaeo-heretical abomination. This sickening display is what one would expect of Godless nations, not Ireland. This is very sad news indeed.

Hail Ireland ! said...

It should be no surprise that he was given a Christian funeral, what with child sex abuse cover ups within the church.

Final Conflict said...

Yes - and all a result of watering-down policy on homosexuality in the Church.

Exactly why we say nationalism needs to retain its absolute opposition to homosexuality.

Those who wish to take a wishy-washy line [a don't ask/don't tell policy] or cover-up paedophile scandals in nationalism [all of which exist in the present BNP] should understand where this leads: to a stance diametrically opposed to those who founded the movement and who sacrificed so much over the years.

Anonymous said...

The young man who's body was found in comedian Barrymore's swimming pool, was at first explained away as natural causes.
Later after demands for an autopsy it was found he had been buggered with a chair leg or simular.

Anonymous said...

Paedophile priests...what else is one to expect...

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