Saturday, 24 October 2009

Will Ida the Lemur finally Kill off the Missing Link Theory?

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones...

How fabulous to see the "scientific community" debunked.

It gives the rest of us a chance to glow with the same self-satisfied, all-knowing, better-than-thou smugness normally given-off by the white-coat (with pens in pocket) boffins that infest 101 sofa-based TV programmes of a current-affair bent.

Not so very long ago numberless "experts" pointed at the bones of a Lemur-like creature they called Ida.

She was like a lemur but with some features that pointed to evolution!

Oh yes -- she was the long looked-for (but sought in vain) 'missing link.'

It was the final proof the evolutionists needed to finally prove their thesis (for such it is) that we have "evolved" from monkeys.

Now the theory has suffered just one more in a long, long series of setbacks, with Ida proven not to be a "missing link" but just another... er.. Lemur.

The Lemur was of a kind that simply died-out whilst other varieties continued to this day (conspicuously not "evolving" eh?).

Needless to add, the boffins who posited these bones as the final proof will not be trawling through numerous TV studios to debunk their own myth. There's no money, no scholarships, no major book or film deals in that.

You see scientists have a habit of moving as a mass (Brownian Motion?) emboldened by their own theories and evidence, often supporting each other and so propping up their own theories that Joe Public darnst gainsay.

Whether it's evolution or global warming, they find the "evidence" to prove their theories, or simply fill in the gaps as they see fit (often making illogical leaps of faith) to keep their pet theory on the go.

Countless "missing links" have been found to be frauds, schoolboy errors or dead-ends like Ida.

Of course it won't stop the boffins from espousing their theory as undisputed fact in our schools. A superb book against evolution was originally entitled "Why Our Colleges Create Communists") you see evolution attempts to kill God and a godless society is more often than not a form of communism (soviet or EU variety, take your pick).

Fossilised modern hats, human bones next to dinosaur bones, and many other anomalies that leave evolution theories crumbling are as conveniently ignored as sun spots and the Medieval warm period are in the 'science' of global warming.

Socialists and Capitalists in their search for the ultimate godless society controlled by big government will continue to use evolution and global warming for their own ends.

Nationalists need to be a little more clued-up and dare to ask the questions that others won't.

Rattle your chains baby!

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Anonymous said...

first off, we all know we don't come from monkeys, on fact it is certain that the White race do literally 'come from the stars' that which cannot be 'proven' does not make any theory expounded a nonsense.

there is a myth pushed that 'the human race' all come from African roots even if this bulls**t was correct it merely points to the fact that even our ancestors did their best to move away from niggers...and whilst they settled and built civilisation those niggers left in Africa still made shelter from shit (literally) and 'discovered' jenkem!

it is also a fact that many scientists have a belief in God.

Anonymous said...

While the fossil record may be incomplete (how could it be otherwise?), the alternative 'hypothesis', narrated in Genesis, is more akin to a fairy story as this tale compleletly lacks the kind of evidence a scientific theory requires. Of course one believes what one likes, but, unfortunately,this does not make it true. Scientists being human are as prone to entrenched positions as anyone, but only Western science is prepared to follow the trial of truth wherever it leads.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Faith requires belief.

But the Faith of Christianity has been [attempted to be] replaced by the faith in a theory that is totally unproven.

If scientists believe in proof to validate every theory then Christians have the proof of Christ's existence.

Evolutionists have proof that Darwin existed.

But Darwin's theory on the creation of the world is not proven in the slightest, so by your reckoning evolution should not be taught in schools!

I find it astounding that so many nationalists believe they are descended from monkeys! An ideal as ridiculous as it is patently untrue.

Why is it scientists seem to think their unproven theories are correct whereas they point at Christianity (which has the advantage of having a moral code and good values of a socio-economic nature too) and slate it for being "unproven?"

Anonymous said...

One characteristic of Western science is that it evolves. The theory of evolution has itself evolved from Darwinsim into neo-Darwinism with the re-discovery of Mendel's theories on genetics. Christianity although it places a premium on truth also wants to preserve scriptural authority, when these diverge, as they did with Galileo and the geo-centric model of the universe, the Church either resorts to force, or, more likely nowadays, becomes a meaningless placebo and evades the issue.
I am surprised when nationalists choose Christianity over science because science is uniquely Western while Christianity is a semitic belief.

Anonymous said...

If we come from monkeys, how comes there are still monkeys...?

As regards the human race, there are Whites and then there are the muds.

Just because it cannot be proved does not meant it does not exist.

For indeed, everything is based on energy, even colour is merely energy emitted at different volumes.

Anonymous said...

Nationalists who "choose science" are morons because scientific formulae can be used to "prove" anything. No doubt an influx/take-over by intelligent Japanese or Jews would be scientifically acceptable.

As for Semitism, you are ignoring 2000 years of history and conflict. Christianity is the only bulwark against Judaism; as soon as nationalism negates a genuine Christianity it is danger of becoming philo-semitic.

As the great man said, "Europe is the Faith - the Faith is Europe" H. Belloc

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered why so many nationalists seem to follow Evolution and people like Richard Dawkins. Evolution is both promoted by the Jewish media and the educational system. That in itself should give nationalists cause for concern. Christianity teaches morality and a ot can be learnt about forming white communities which work together based on Christianity. Christianity has become heavily Judaised and now modern Christianity comes baggaged with support for Israel and spending millions on the third world as well as being pro-immigration and asylum.
What we need is a white-nationalist sect of Christianity which supports our principles and which teaches to support the community and encourages whites to get along with whites and help ourselves instead of encouraging whites to hand over endless money to non-whites.

Science as we have today is very dangerous. Most sciences are now controlled by Jews. The Jews use these to push their own agenda onto whites. The hatred of Christianity, the hatred of whites and the elevation of themselves. It is why differences between races is ignored while evolution while only a theory is elevated to being the new faith.

Anonymous said...

Are not Jews (I refer to the proper Jew ie. Sephardic), Muslim and Christian all children of Abraham?

All these 'religions' are man-made. Our Celtic/Nordic forefathers 'felt' the prescence of God more than most of the attendees of any Synagogue, Tabernacle, Church, Chapel, Mosque, Temple......

Anonymous said...

According to the [pagan] Romans the Celts practiced human sacrifice.

All you said is just empty gesturing.

a naked hippy hugging trees can say he feels god, but it don't mean squat.

Anonymous said...

Empty gesturing...?

Why are you trying to link a 'naked hippy' tree hugger to our pre-Christian ancestors?

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