Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Miliband Ignores UN Report on Israeli War Crimes

The UN, in an impartial independent review, has said that Israel is guilty of war crimes.

One of the Miliband brothers (David, the Foreign Secretary) was on the box the other night and when asked what the UK intended to do about the war criminals, he had a reply that would have had Sir Humphrey blushing with shame.

Miliband said we needed to have an independent report into the allegations.


A "report into the report."

And when that comes out -- can we have a report into the report about the report? And so on ad nauseum?

Mr. Miliband may think it's OK to kill time as more Palestinians die (the Gaza is still cut off by Israeli troops) and no doubt his Jewish Communist mega-rich parents would admire his chutzpah.

After all we can all remember when UN reports on Iraq were ignored... erm...

Miliband (version 1 and/or 2) may think it acceptable to filibuster as men, women and children die, or whilst war criminals slip away (whatever happened to "Never Again"?) but as he is elected to his post, we should --all of us who believe in natural justice-- ensure that our government responds with justified anger to the role of war criminals in a highly disproportionate attack on a tiny strip of land filled with civilians, let alone the blockade of Gaza that has been going on for years.


Anonymous said...

Typical tactic of the subjugators...appear to take up the cause of those who demand an inquiry/independent report and just bury it with reams and reams of other reports.

Are we that stupid that what exists only exists because those who are our masters acknowledge it to be so...?

Shove your reports up yer arse we are not pen-pushers nor are we administrative revolutionaries...or are we?

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